🥥 Dankloud's Coco Adventure

You’ll have to scroll up a bit but harvest numbers are here.


Thanks! I started looking at was like “well idk where to start :/”


Sitting at the bank drive thru….figured I’d help while waiting for slow pokes to do the biz deposit. :roll_eyes:



I solved that for me, I think. :wink:


1 week later, transplanted. I could’ve waited a bit longer for more roots, but it was good enough to do it.

Jacks, FishSh!t, Recharge. Off to a good start!


Over 2 weeks later… Shes been sick and I think it was because I wasn’t watering everyday, but I started doing so Friday…

Last night I did some training… Guess I was a bit too rough… Really upset right now and wondering if I should just start over…

Feel like starting over because now this plant will give me half the expected yield, which would probably only be around 2 oz… Not even enough to last me through a grow…

Dang it!!!

Any advice? Almost crying over here! :cry:

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I’d love to give you great news… but alas…
If you really have time to put into saving her, you could always spread the branches that you have left and carefully train her to have a full canopy… but that will mean you’ll have to stretch your veg for at least another month and you might still get a decent amount out of her.
But, if you start another one today, you’ll do a lot better harvest wise, if nothing dramatic happens again…

So it’s up to you… Do you have the luxury of having enough time to train her.? :thinking:


I feel like I would need to support the mainline as it goes further from the trunk though. Hmmm… I guess I could 3D print some stands that would support the mainline…

Put the pot in a corner, veg out a bit more and use the supports as she gets heavy…


I guess that really is the way to go. If i start over I have wasted time…


You could put up a SCROG net for support and veg till you have enough flower sites.


I have plenty…and about to harvest again. So I say give it a little bit longer and try to get her on the right path.

I had company over yesterday for a big BBQ/horseshoes…I found a small bud from your last grow in a grinder. Was a little drier (like what you’d get on the street) than I like, but dude that is some good smoke. Company liked it a lot so hats off to your last grow man.


Thanks, man! That means a lot! I decided I will just continue with this girl and either make some supports, or just let her griw vertical from here… Not sure yet.

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FFS… Came home to a wavemaker that isn’t working, sitting in a 4+ gallon reservoir of disgusting cloudy nutrient solution. Wavemaker in trash, nutrient solution down the drain. What a waste.
Dunno what to do about that now but now I get to freaking make feed every damn day. Really agitated right now.


Hurdles. No one likes em. Sorry man


When my wavemaker quit I soaked it in a mix of CLR & water for a few hours & cleaned it up with a small brush, took right off again & is still working months later.


That’s great to know

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Thanks for the tip! I just ended up buying a new one with a different design and some filters to go with it. The new wavemaker has replacement parts that are purchasable too. I know it says 530GPH but I want to see what that is like in comparison to the claimed 800 or whatever GPH from the one I had before.

Voyager Sicce Nano 530 GPH - Aquarium Circulation and Stream Pump https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N1Y48N2/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_TQETS5JK8BEND6BHGK3A

Along with some filters that go around the wavemaker. Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of crud that accumulates in the wavemaker. Though I just thought of something… It would also filter out the nutrients I would think, so maybe the filter is a bad idea… Might test it anyways.


Ok so I did my first batch of nutes with the new wavemaker and filter. The filter was definitely full of crap when I finished that batch, but when I made the new batch, I decided not to use the filter and the water is moving 3 times as much as before and just as much as the “1600” gph claim from the Chinese wavemakers. I doubt the filter will do anything for this usage anyways, so I’m just going to stop using it. The wavemaker has a 3 year guarantee also so we will see if they honor it if I have problems.

Bad news about my girl though. I went to take off some leaves, and I accidentally pulled off a whole node… I don’t know if my green thumb just exceptionally sucks right now, or if this girl is weaker than the others I have done, but I don’t feel like I’m being that rough… Also her leaves are curling under… Not sure what thats about, I think it’s just the light being too close, so when I get home I will adjust my lights and take pictures.

Also working on 3D modeling a mainline training system that I can 3D print to make the training easier.

Happy Growing!!


So here is how she is looking right now. Raised lights.

I actually flipped to flower last night. Want to get her done and out of there.

For anyone who cares, Sicce, the manufacturer of the Wavemaker I bought has other models that are even stronger. Had I seen those I probably would’ve gotten one, but honestly the one I have now is strong enough.

Been working on my training model.

Yellow cylinder is the pot, dark gray things on both corners are brackets with magnets in them to hold up the 2 horizontal bars to the pot. The bars have holes that will allow for me to design and attach accessories to the bar. For instance I could make an attachment that is just a small cane for any girls that wanna fall over. The holes will also be used to attach bars that will stick out 90 degrees from the main bars. These would be used to tie down the nodes as they grow out.


Quick morning update for yall who’s still here! She’s doing pretty dang well right now! Stretch should finally be over. At least I hope so because I havent got much vertical room left lol.

This was befire defol.

This whole node was chopped. Didn’t reach anywhere near as high as the rest…

This is after defol and raising up lights for the second time this week lol.

Not too much else to report. Still just doing 2L Jack’s 321, with FishSh!t, and Recharge in the last 500ml. Didn’t bother with Bloom formula this time around.


Happy and healthy!!