🥥 Dankloud's Coco Adventure

Dank! Where you been? How’s your girl coming along?

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I’m back! My hobbies have taken up a lot of time recently so I haven’t been posting…

The girl… Is dead. She has been gone for a few weeks now… She got so tall that 90% of the bud sites were above the lights because I went crazy with lollipopping, she was super sativa leaning, and I waited too long to flip to flower… Plus since she was missing one half of her mainline, all that energy went to the half that was left, no doubt increasing the growth potential of that half. Weighed my options on thinning her out and trying to do some training, or just chopping the tops and letting lower sites grow out, but no matter what I just don’t think it would’ve been worth the time investment, I just started over.
Limited space in a 2x2 to train her at that point. Chopped her. Had a small panick attack afterwards. :laughing:

On the bright side, I wasted no time getting the next girl going and here she is today! She’s been happy so far. I will be doing her manifold soon

Family photo

I don’t know when I started her officially, I have been so consumed by my other activities lol…

A few observations though… She is a Blueberry plant like the last one, but she is super Indica leaning, short squat girl with broad leaves, complete opposite from the last girl :man_shrugging: Wondering if this is an indication of the genetics from Seedsman, or just a normal amount of variation… Just seems like they are on two completely different sides of the sativa/indica spectrum.

Happy Growing! :v:


Mainlined her last night! Those growth tips were already that length when I chopped off her head. Here is how she’s looking this morning!

Feed is the same as always, full strength Jacks @ 5.8ph, Silica, FishSh!t, Recharge…

P.s. this post was sutting in my drafts all day… I never hit Reply… :man_facepalming:


Here is how she’s looking today! Nice steady growth.
I’m keeping up with the training so far and will probably do the next set of tie downs today or tomorrow.

I already remove the second node from the mainline, so all the leaves you’re seeing are from the first node. The mainline growth tips are hidden behind the leaves currently. Removed the two huge lower fan leaves, they were just kinda in the way of watering. Going great so far! Predicting flip in a week or two!

Happy Growing! :v:


She looks good man.


Here is how she was looking last night.

Here is a picture from the top of the mainline. The mainline growth tips aren’t growing very fast, and just now thinking about it, I think it’s because that first node off the mainline on each side is sitting much higher than the mainline growth tips. Going to try and tie those down a bit I guess.


Here is how she is today! I flipped to flower about 7 days ago. Just thinned her out today as well.

Doing Jack’s Bloom for 2 weeks on this grow. This is the second week, then back to regular 321 recipe.


Nice the stretch is about 2 begging