🥥 Dankloud's Coco Adventure

You’ve got a couple weeks before you need it lower than that. Nice bud

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Well… This sucks… My Inkbird IHC-200 controller isn’t letting me set any of its values anymore… I hold down the Set button for 3 seconds and nothing happens… Also if I hold down the Set button and the Up button, it turns the unit off, which you are supposed to hold down the Up, Down, and Set buttons at the same time to turn it off… So it seems like I am having an Up button issue. I have contacted Inkbird about it, then realised my return window on Amazon was still open, so I might just return it for a new one… Then again I got it October 31st and it is already broken… :man_shrugging: Don’t know if I really want another one if it won’t even last 3 months…


My heart wasn’t for love, because that all sucks. But I agree… I’d try return. Hopefully you got the one faulty that you’ll ever receive.

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Ok so she’s coming along nicely, but I’ve got these yellow things popping out the tops??

Not sure wat that’s about…

New humidity controller came in, but I’m making sure to wait to remove the water from the saucer until the pot is done fully draining. Highest was 61% RH. So I think I’m good.


Girls are looking amazing

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Looking good but a little hungry in my opinion. See how there is yellowing and stems near the leaves are turning purple? Make sure your ph meter is calibrated and might have to up the nutrients a little too :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


So just extra nitrogen?


Just a slight bump in your overall ppms should help out :call_me_hand:t3:


Can you get those yellow bogies in the buds through a microscope or loupe?


Your buds have nipples! :rofl: looks like the bud tip is just pulling the pistols along. Not nanners, too uniform and centered. I think @dbrn32 is on point! Hungry but also w @Underthestairs and would want a closer look.


Alright I’ve been busy with my printer for a while, I will try and get a close up of the nipples tonight.


I took the pictures and forgot to upload!

Best shots I could get. No idea what they are lol.

Other than that shes looking great and starting to show some trichomes.


Very cool looking. Keep that lady healthy


Looking great! I see trichomes in the first pic!

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following along looking to learn pure coco :face_with_monocle:

i am starting coco also and hope ure right…

damn i bet her c@@k is bigger than mine lmao

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Thats what the long sash is covering!!!

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i have used a vac it is the easiest. although like @Hellraiser i hate the noise. have a long a$$ hose and keep vac outside the area. i have also been trying to throotle back the suction for possible pest removal… last episode was no buenue. my poor rhino and kush lol

thats what i use when trainin