CYCO PLATINUM SERIES feeding schedule help

I’ve just sprouted two autos (Amnesia Haze and Blueberry) and they’re about a week old now. I’ve read to not feed until the cotyledons are yellowing and there’s about 4 sets of leaves. Do the feeding schedules start week 1 from sprout or from cotyledons yellowing? Mine are a week old with the second set of leaves just starting to develop.

I have Cyco Platinum nutes and was wondering what feeding schedule I should have for autos. As the platinum series is more than just grow A+B and has additives like Ryzofuel, sugar rush, zyme, etc, how much should I use?

Should I just follow the photo guide at 1/4 or 1/2 strength?
I’ve attached a photo of the feeding guide from Cyco. I’m growing in 60:40 coco/perlite.

Yeah, I’d follow their guidelines just start at least 1/2 strength until you know

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