Crinkling leaves

So dim the light or move it up

Thanks man. sounds like your pretty confident that’s what it is. Last week I had turned it up to 75%. Never used an adjustable light before. IL crank it down and keep an eye on em

Also only on the 2 taller plants and no damage on the bottom leaves. I’m assuming if it was a nutrient or pH issue it would likely start on the bottom ones Maybe. so it makes sense. Do those apps for DLI or PAR any good

@Russell_Leaves this is what min looked like running the PH to high

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I’m having a problem with my Afghan Kush, it was starting to flower, and in 1 day all the leaves were dropping real bad . I’ve sinced raised my lights higher up away from the direct sunlight. I watered it but it doesn’t seem to want to recover.

@susankeatts welcome to the community … Plant looks in ruff shape not going to lie … typically dropping leaves are a sing of just had water or not enough … I doubth it has to do with the light … I have seen a plant I had that the roots dried out and never recovered … Il let some more experienced people Chim in

Thanks for the info, I just purchased my mikrobs. My mikrobs for the H2O, and the beneficial insects that prey on other insects. and Mikrobs for strong roots.