Cracking down on the herb


And you didn’t riot???

I don’t understand how people can get so involved with the process that their emotions are so strongly affected.

I told my wife that the next time an election doesn’t go my way I’m going to shut down I-75 in protest by slinging a spike strip across all 6 lanes! Lol

I haven’t been happy about a President for a long time. I didn’t realize I was supposed to be going around destroying things because of it.

I’m sorry, but this past election and the conduct afterwards has shown what an “everyone gets a trophy” way of life does to a society. We don’t always get what we want. That’s life.

No matter what laws they have, I’m growing. I’ve been an outlaw this long. There are less days ahead of me than behind, so what “the public servants” decide doesn’t matter much to me.

My last 8 years have only put me in poverty. Maybe the next can get me back out. White privilege my a$$…


The way protest are looked at would be different if a Democrat would have won. You didn’t see Republicans rioting in the streets after Obama won his second election. We didn’t go around piloting from out local communities and destroying out towns an cryin about it.
Well put @FloridaSon. I believe I’m with you next election when I do to like the results I’m gonna riot and lockup highways and interstates and see if the media and government back us like they are backing them now

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@bob31. Respecting the Office is not part and parcel to respecting the individual holding the Office; nor, are they prerequisite to each other.

In my life, I have seen nothing but a gradual, and global shifting of power. “Free” nations and governments are being supplanted by Oligarchy via the practice of voting for the “popular elite” by the intentionally under educated electorate. We, as the electorate, have been force fed a system of values, norms, and mores that have been constructed specifically for a this purpose. It is a social pattern and tactic that has been used since Aristotle, and in fact, he was the first western Philosopher to voice its existence in his book, “The Politic”.

In our “modern era”, and in the USA, this “plan for pacification of the population, usurpation of the government, and establishment of Oligarchy was effectively started under Woodrow Wilson with the signing of The Banking Act, and the establishment of the Federal Reserve fractionalized central banking system” - “Rise of The Global Oligarchy, and the death of Freedom”, written by Me (working title, publishing schedule end of 2017)I won’t bother you with more, unless you want it. Yes, I am actually writing a book about this. I figured I should probably get off my lazy, multi-degreed ass and do something with my education to help everyone, everywhere… If I can.

Do not “fight the power”. You’ll just be punching yourself.


@FloridaSon not sure if you care or not or were being sarcastic but I wanted to clarify that you have the wrong definition of what white privileged is.

Again not sure if you care or not but just in case you do here is a short example of white privilege:

A bunch of teenagers suspected of shoplifting are brought outside of the store, the police officer only searches the black one.

The end.

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Respectfully, that has nothing to do with white privilege. That’s just a stupid cop.

I don’t get how others can say I’m privileged because I’m white. I’ve been poor my whole life. My mom made $12 over the poverty requirement, so there was no help

As an adult, same story/different setting. Being a convicted felon shut many doors for me. I’m not crying, I deserved to get locked up. Still, no help because I made just too much.

I’ve been turned down for work due to affirmative action, they needed more diversity. I had a care worker trying to get me medical assistance ask me three times in a row if I was Hispanic. I didn’t realize until I left, denied any help, that she was trying to coach me into getting help. (Don’t go stoned trying to get help! :wink:)

It’s not white privilege that’s the problem. That phrase was only coined to create divisions amongst the people.

Racial bias is the problem and it’s a problem from every side, not just from the whites. There are many places that I’m not welcome either. Just because I’m white.

When everyone realizes that the governments worldwide are playing divide and conquer with their citizens, things will change. But into what?

My comment was based on I’ve never noticed any kind of privilege in my life. That’s not to say you haven’t felt oppressed, but you can’t say I haven’t been oppressed either.

Hate me for being a prick, not for being white…:wink::imp:


Great points @FloridaSon I was asserting that the term doesn’t have anything to do with income now that may be a result but it’s not the source.


@bob31 hit it on the head with “fly under the radar”.

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ah yes yes. the old social conditioning perpetrated under the thin guise of social media and consumerism trick again


A-effing-men! @Willd @FloridaSon

Keep the people too tired through labor to resist, too distrusting of each other to coordinate, and too impoverished to provide for themselves a better future. It’s an old game…


And a game that doesn’t usually end well for most…

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The constant consent to waiving of privacy and acceptance of misdirection being perpetrated across every mobile device is so blatant and unfettered, the masses just click “accept” without stopping to realize they’re accepting a certain degree of mind control. There I said it.


Good luck to everyone with their grow. Today’s conversation has been useful and enlightening.


You too Wiild! I just went and checked mine again for the 418th time today. I loves 'me i’s do. :wink:

Back to the subject. Me with 3 plants at home in MA no worries. But if it’s me with millions $ invested in a new grow commercial grow facility. Problem Mon! Not sleeping so well tonight!


totally lays any hopes of a rec cannabis biz I’ve had to rest.

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