Cracking down on the herb

Did anyone hear that the admin is planning a crackdown on the mj?

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What are you talking about?

My wife just was quoting some news about something and now she can’t find it.

La times article today possible crackdown on states

Would like to read that, is there a way to put the article or tell me where to find it haha

I read the article I’m not too worried about it. Honestly there isn’t much you c an honestly do at this point. You can write your governor, senator or whoevee but that’s about all you can really do. It is what it is at the end of the day. No use I worrying about things you can’t control. Hey it was illegal before an we all got by just fine at least with the push the last few years we have been able to come to a this lean an take it back home and now if it goes back to how it was you know you can get seeds and you have the power to learn to be able to keep medicating. Keep your head up and smoke rollin. I’m not too worried about it, it’s not legal here an I get by, it’s not cheap like in he legal stated, but it’ll always be around to help the people who know it as a good and helpful plant that helps so many people out there

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Google la times mmj article

It’s on yahoo also

guys its BS

here is what was said.

Everyone take a deep breath, lol :sunglasses:


Spicee says The Orange One sees a distinction between MM and RecM and will crack down on legalized States. So much for reducing big gift and putting the legislature in the States hands. Sessions appears to be driving influence in veiled threat.

Spicee says POTUS sees a distinction between MM and RecM and will crack down on legalized States. So much for reducing big govt and putting the legislature in the States’ hands. Sessions appears to be driving influence in veiled threat(?)

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It wasn’t a veiled threat. It was an answer to a question.

Oh and who is the “Orange One”?

Don’t let these idiots on the news get you worked up. I was watching the press conference and I heard what he said and I posted the article up above for everyone to read. The WH will be making their plans know here in the near future and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.

My gut is that the President has heard all of our feelings toward MJ both for and against and he knows that even conservatives are leaning toward legalization of MJ. Look for stronger enforcement of MJ and other drugs being smuggled into this country.

Yes there’s a couple threads floating around now if you go to ‘thoughts from the morning Garden’ and Bob has the article it seems Much Ado About Nothing

Trump is pro MMJ, but I don’t know much about his thoughts on recreational legalization ?


Sorry @bob31 I literally can’t say the guy’s name yet without increasing my own stress level so I manage my stress on that using an innocuous-to-me nickname…didn’t mean to offend :slight_smile:



I just saw the story on Headline News; the only big impact I can see is that RecMJ stores being afraid to open if there’s a threat of being raided by Feds, MMJ isn’t going to be touched. In a good angle, maybe they will reclassify it as a sched 2 drug and let some of the benefits be studied for medicinal purposes so it can be recognized by a more scholarly perspective. That’s the best I can do before 8am…

I know you didn’t mean to, but I was a bit offended. I was a career military guy and I don’t always like our presidents, but I always respect them in public!

You may not be happy about his election, but I wasn’t very happy about the last 8 years either.

I say in 7.9 more years, we’ll be even.


well @super_newby I think that could be a concern as well. Their have already been several RMJ shops in the country shut down by the feds. Some for non payment of taxes and others for operating outside their licenses. Most are still in the courts. (Previous administration)

FYI The MA Cannabis Committee is considering pushing back the opening of rec stores here in MA until the end of 2018…

Our own state governments are more of a threat to us at this point.


Considering the way this state runs, 2018 is optimistic…just saying…

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Absolutely !

which is why I am growing my own! I’m done fooling around! lol… I’m gonna keep my growing stealthy, even tho legal. Just in case the laws change. Fly under the radar!

PS MA Laws on possession and growing MJ have a couple of things in them that can trip someone up. Especially when it comes to legal possession in a motor vehicle and public consumption.

There are also a couple of issues around grow area security that need to be closely followed to stay within the current law.


I am as well, I’ve got three beauties in flower currently and I really don’t need much. I figure that if I maintain my low profile, I’ll be left alone since there are far worse problems here than a law abiding citizen with three little plants that nobody knows about. Besides, the longer I take the doctor’s pills for neuropathy pain, the worse I feel, so I’m holding out for the best at this point.


There was a study published last summer I can’t find now but it showed that in states with mmj laws the amount of deaths due to opioids went downtown by 25% in the last five years. Combine that with the massive fiscal benefits the states are rakin in and I don’t see any crackdown being rational except on black market traffic.