Cooters Grows, HLG, Mars Hydro, AC Infinity

Damn Brother that’s a Beautiful site :love_you_gesture:


Thank you sir!! :+1::v::beers::dash:

Looking beautiful CJ :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart: :beers:

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Thanks brother :+1::v::beers::dash:

2x2 Purple Frost Giant One Week Since Flip

One week since flip yesterday. Shes stretching nicely. Getting 1000+ par over her canopy and not slowing her down really. Fertigating her 3 times a day at 2.6ec 5.8-6.2ph.


Wow, that looks wonderful. Very inspiring! :+1:t2:

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Thank you brother! Appreciate the compliments!! :+1::v::beers::dash:

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Gold Leaf Clones 2 weeks since flip

2 weeks since flip yesterday. They are crusing along. Crushing then with light to try to keep the stretch down, but they just grow more it seems, lol. Pulled a few leaves off. Need to clean up under there skirts some. Still haven’t changed res out. Just been topping off with nutrient solution. 1.7ec 5.9ph


Wow, daily differences!!! How much more room do you have for vertical lift? I see your light is right on your canopy. @OGIncognito recommended I get mine to a DLI of 45-55 through flower but that brings my light closer than recommended hanging distances, but seeing yours I guess I can go lower. I’m at 20 inches but to keep my intensity to what OG said I’d be about a foot from my canopy. We’ll see at 7. You do professional work! Thank you for sharing! :+1:t2:


I have another foot or so i can raise my light. Will keep it as is till stretch is over. As long as plants are healthy and not complaining you can pretty much run a led within inches of the tops. And thank you brother, much appreciated


Oh no the thanks all belong to you. :+1:t2: more great advice and knowledge. 10 minutes the girls will find out!!!

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Grow Room Update 3 weeks since flip

Defoliated couple days ago. Will be some more to come off in a day or 2 im thinking. Autopot gals rez is at 1.8ec 5.8ph. Gold Leaf mom in scrog getting 1 gallon everyday 3.2ec 6.2-6.8ph. Recharge once a week and Tps Billions about every 10days


Super impressive!!! I am in awe of the skills in this forum. When I see these pics I’m utterly speechless. It is good to see where you can really take a single cannabis plant and her cloned offspring. Fantastic!


I am humbled brother. Appreciate it!! Ive learned alot of what i do from alot of the fine folks here at Ilgm!! We have some really great cultivators here to learn from :v::+1::beers::dash::dash::dash:


@CooterJuice I had a seed drop out of some flower I bought at the dispensary. It is Refined Taste strain Jet Fuel Gelato x Suge’s Pure Indica by Compound Genetics. The flower tested at 35% TAC. I’m going to run it next thinking a 20 gallon cloth pot for a single plant 4x4 scrog would that be enough in your opinion? Thank you very much for your input. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Hell yea man!! Throw her that 20 gallon pot, scrog her out ? and fill that 4x4!! Make sure you tag me if you do a journal here. Definitely want to watch that one!

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:100: thank you brother! Have a pleasant day! :+1:t2:

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Seymour Shit Autos Day 41

@repins12 ladies are doing well. Starting to get some pubes and some hedgehogs forming!! Was past time for a good defoliation so today was the day. Hopefully they stretch a little for me. Will up fertigation today to 3 times daily. They been getting Jacks Bloom the past few days at 2.0ec 5.9-6.3ph. Par across the canopy running 700-950.


Hey Cj, let’s just see everything cruising along for you. Have you ever tried warming up some water first and mixing the first part of Jacks in that to help it dissolve quicker? I found it helps but I was mixing every other day in my last grow.

I’m about to pull the trigger on an auto pot setup. The place hellraiser mentioned a few times in his thread seems to have a good deal going on right now. From what I’ve seen in the pictures it doesn’t look like you use the optional air pump you put at the bottom.

What are you using for the filler at the bottom of the pot? It seems there’s a few different options and I do have some perlite lying around. I could also just use some small stones, free and reusable.

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@DB_Cooper Awesome man you’ll love the ease of the Autopots!! Yea i been warming up a cup of water to dissolve my Jacks in here lately. Works well. I dont see there being much benefit to running the air domes with the spring pots. If ya use the plastic pots they would be worth buying i think. Ive been using perlite in the bottom of my pots. I just give it a good rinse first to get rid of the dust.

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