Compost Tea for Bloom - Type of Bat Guano?

I’m trying to follow a compost tea recipe for the beginning of bloom stage that I’ll be adding to what is basically super soil (it’s a store bought living soil). I’m gathering supplies to make a bloom compost tea but I’m unsure of what type of bat guano to get. Certain types appear to have no nitrogen at all. Some appear to be very high in nitrogen. Considering there is nitrogen in some of the other ingredients and this is for a bloom tea, I’m guessing the bat guano minus nitrogen is the way to go. Here’s the recipe (the bottom part):

For bloom you will want to use the low nitrogen bat guano.

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I hope you enjoy the soil from my state! Let me know how she grows. I thought about purchasing some.

Your state??? No it’s MY state.

Oh, and I have plants that are in the soil already but I’m struggling a bit with what I think may be a combination of the soil being a little on the hot side (some moderate nitrogen toxicity symptoms) and a magnesium deficiency. Next time I’ll be doing 2/3 “Water Only” in the bottom of the pot and 1/3 Roots Organics Original. Also, I’ll hit it with a veg tea way earlier and I’m just going to assume that it needs once a week calmag.

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Fruit bat guano is high in P and K which is what you are looking for. Seabird and insect bats are higher in N.

Awesome. Thank you!!

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look at “Budswell” been around for many years they also make a veg tea called “Super Tea” One can grow entire grow with these products - it’s Organic too !!!