Colloidal Silver

Hello folks! We all know that using the Colloidal Silver is the easiest way to make femminized seeds. Basically one forces the plant to hermie and pollinate herself, right?

My question is: will the seeds have the hermie gene? As when she got hermie due to stress or light leaks?

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You want to take the pollen from the silvered plant and pollinate another female.


I cant say for sure. But after all the videos ive watched ive never heard anyone mention it making the seeds possibly be hermie. This is a good question. Im gonna follow and watch too. Id love to know this answer.

But will that pollen make seeds that will be hermie seeds or no

There’s always a chance. But pollenating a non hermied female with the female pollen from the forced hermie will greatly dilute those chances.


I was thinking the same, to pollinate another female. But there is always a chance :man_shrugging:

I’d like to find the topic describing this method of ‘making’ feminized seeds from start to finish? Anyone know? Thanks.

You want to see the pollen sacks being formed?

@PharmerBob i would like to read the entire process of producing feminized seed with Colloidal Silver from start to finish. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought i documented my journey with it better but I did not

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Ok… well thanks anyway!

It took weeks for the change tho, for the photo I sprayed starting as signs of pistils, for two weeks straight 2x a day with 40 ppm.

Then it took an additional week or two for it to show any change in the plant…kinda mind numbing but also rewarding in the end.

The flowers grew into hundred of pollen sacks and I ended up using a garbage bag to flip and collect .

When it first started opening I was able to use a magazine to collect by holding it under the flower like structures and tap them to have the pollen fall

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I could send you some links of start to finish for CS or STS. I have posted them several times on this site. I think that they are even in my current journal. I’m at work right now and don’t have access to my laptop. If you remind me this afternoon, I can dig them up when I get home :v:


@repins12 That would be great! I’m looking for instructions from the start to finish process for feminizing seeds with Colloidal Silver. Thank you!

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@repins12 @PharmerBob So! From what I’ve read I’m understanding that first things needed are TWO female plants. Is this correct?

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A female plant from a regular seed!


Yep, use CS or STS on one female to make it grow male flowers and pollinate the other female is the way I’ve done it.

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You want to use regular seeds to try to not breed in more hermi genes


@PharmerBob @Hellraiser Well CRAP! I have one male and one female. Guess I’ll just have to produce ‘regular’ seeds this time.
What % CS do you use? (For the next attempt… lol) Thanks.

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40 ppm, I got mine from amazon… rep makes his own