Classifieds light


I was browsing the classifieds and this guy has a 400 watt light that you got wire yourself to btw lol do you think it be good for veg or bloom???


Best to buy in one working piece.


He said gets hella hot and it’s Hps and I’m doing closet grow don’t want do a lot of venting but think if that’s true 400 watt which it is well veg and bloom cpl plants ??


Your best bet when buying anything electronic , always buy brand new… no since in taking risks when lighting is so cheap now a days… plus you can return it if necessary… :wink:

I would hate to here that your house burned down my friend… :wink:



Not he dident want answer my questions and said I had buy my own wire I’m not electrcian and I want led how to hot too much venting


I strongly suggest you take a look at MH n HPS lighting. A switchable ballast and vented hood work great. Vented hood has 4 or 6" ducts that are easy to hookup to a exhaust fan. It will suck most of the heat out before it makes the grow tent too hot.
There are LED lights all over and often discussed here, but, I tried some of the first LED’s…not good at all. Now should be different. There will be LED knowledgeable comment soon. LED’s will run considerably cooler, but, a air mover is still a very good idea. Keeping the temp between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is critical to a healthy plant.


I know too I heard HPS is all time best for bloom and veg thx bro @tanlover442


I’m no pro or anything, but I like to veg for the first few weeks under daylight CFLs. The plants seem to love them, and you can put the lights real close to the plants, basically right from the start. It really seems to help keep the plants short and bushy. In fact I’ve been having trouble getting enough stretch into them to transplant.

Next when the plants reached about a foot tall I would put them under a 400w metal halide for a couple of weeks, then switch to the 400w HPS when they were ready to flower. This has worked for me in the past. Your mileage may vary.

I have an LED now, but it’s my first grow using this light so I can’t really say how it does just yet. It does seem to veg pretty well from what I’ve seen, but I think I killed my latest babies by putting them under it too soon. Should have left them under the CFLs for another week or so.


See I don’t want go back in time using those lights I sold my old lights mh ballasts all that because in winter was perfect with venting but summer was a bitch keep temps down not really just led is Lot more stable for me but I still llove how the input from those lights are still higher and plants love them a lot still trying find a led that resemBle a true 600 700 watt mh


Cool :sunglasses: light love :cupid: the setup :dog::dog::poodle: