Changing nutrients any advice is helpful

So i am currently using cyco platinum series which i loved about 2-3 years ago. Well it had sat in my closet for that time and i do believe it has lost some of its potency. Would like tonswitch out to something else but would like everyones opinions.

The ones im looking at is:
Advanced nutrients
Emerald Harvest ( not sure if 2 or 3 part is better)
Fox farm kit.
ORGANIC: Nectar of the godds
Gaia green organic soil ammendment

Would like anyones advice or comments on what they use or comments on the ones i have listed

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I use, like and recommend GH. Hard to beat.


General hydroponics? I was thinking about that, bonus is its a little bit of a money saver so wasnt sure how good it was but also havent known anyone who uses. Ive looked at your grows and they are awesome so it must be pretty good

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Also there are so many different ones, Does it matter rather the flora series or the organic series?

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I use the Flora series and have just used the base nutes in media but the last grow (in Promix) I ran the full Monty of GH nutes: Flora Blend, Flora Nectar, Diamond Nectar etc. And I got a ridonculous plant out of it. (In fairness and full disclosure it was a female plant rather than feminized–more vigorous)


I am still very new to this. But i have been using fox farms and I love. I love how good the big bloom does with very little chance of burn. I can start feeding right after the plant breaks ground. I feel it is a bit of a head start. I’m currently using the whole dirty dozen, but my brother in law uses just the trio with great results as well.

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I use Mills nutrients including coco and soil from the same brand!

I’ve used GH trio and Lucas method as well as advanced nutrients. Love the advanced amendments to the base nute line and GH worked well enough no issues really…

I recently switched to dry amendments with coco and I love it. Easier for me with minimal ph-ing and only feed once a month. I get better terpene production and can really taste the bud vs whatever I was tasting before (I suspect calmag since I used that with every mixture I ran)

@Axemanjake23 I use all 6 of Fox Farms. It’s worth the $60. Anyone that says Fox Farm isn’t good is blowing smoke. This was under one light and reached 60” plus and over 40” wide. I’d hate to have seen her under my 2 HLG light kits.