CBD Autos not cooperating

I germinated 2 Auto CBD Lemon Potion seeds with no issue but they had issue shedding the seed after sprouting. One isn’t going to make it the other is taking off after removing the shell. It had two sets of leaves inside the shell. Question is did I do something to cause this or are CBD strains just a pain? I have a Tang Dream Auto started at the same time that is on track, everything has been done the same.

I do the wet towel sprouting method. I can check the tap root growth and if curling…plant ASAP. If growing straight, let it grow 1/4"+ but not more than 1/2".
I often take a needle and very gently remove the seed husk so it doesn’t strangle the seedling.
Did I mention gently?

You did nothing wrong. It has happened to most of us at one time or another.
I also do the paper towel at 100% germination rate.

I’ll definitely remove the husk sooner next time. Cracked another fingers crossed. Thanks guys.