CB Gold leaf scrog


Haven’t made it that far yet na it’s just CB LOL JK he’s my brother too he can edit it lol


You guys are funny @bob31 @Hogmaster
Thanks @BIGE
@Screwauger @M4ur @kabongster
If this goes as well as my outdoor scrog I’ll be a happy camper :+1:
@dbrn32 good point on the square and rectangular space you could do to in a rectangular shaped tent or grow room :+1:
Since in square I believe the one plant is the way to go to get most out of the technique :+1:
@WillyJ I excited to get these growing
I have three more in my other tent as well I’ll just be super cropping and what not so this should be a nice grow over all
I’ll start a second thread for those when I transplant them


I did half my 3x3 tent in SCROG 1.5 feet x 3 feet and my GL covered enough of that area to my satisfaction!

I was surprised to see you back to work today @Countryboyjvd1971 That cortisone shot must have been placed exactly perfect!


I still a bit sore @bob31 and I have limited use
I am pick anything of size or wieght up with my right arm
I lucky my job isn’t to labor intensive and even tho I get unlimited sick days I don’t want to abuse it so since I mostly babysit the equipment I came in
But I have no over head work as per Dr Bob
How’s your shoulder felling today bud


Thanks for asking! I’m quite a bit better. the pain has subsided unless I move in a certain way. I hope I don’t have another herniated disk, though all of mine are in lower back. Could be some arthritis in facet too. I dunno. At this point I’m just gonna keep it in mind and if it happens again I’m going to need to go back and see the Dr.

Sounds good john, stay off those anchored ladders. That could have been a career ender! @Countryboyjvd1971


How are you liking the promix so far? @Countryboyjvd1971


@bob31 Im seeing faster growth and plants seem to like it
I doubt I’ll changing back to the ff products but it’s still early in my first grow using it so time will tell us


nice are you using the bx? @Countryboyjvd1971


Yes sir @bob31 bx with The myko
As suggested by @Hogmaster


does that stuff have lime in it? @Countryboyjvd1971
what ph are you running?


…pthorticulture is the .com web site to visit, way too much info about pro mix :wink:


Limit ? Not sure what your asking buddy
soilless mix 5.8-6 ph my friend
I actually visited that site @kabongster nice link :+1:


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 yeah that gold leaf grows like a champ! My gold leaf is just starting to bud. It has a load of bud sites.


Woohoo @Smokin_ernie can’t wait to see big buds from your grow buddy


yes, it has lime in it @BIGE

Here is the full ingredients list:



lol, here is my situation…the promix #4 i use is very similar to that i keep mine around6.3ph…hear me out.
when i started it was 5.5ph and my runoft was always around 6.3 had alot of troubles that run.
i adjusted to the 6.3ph +or- and i have not had any real troubles…anyways i gave in and that is what i do right or wrong.lol
i know some folks heads are spinning but that is how i’m doing things as of now…lol
@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah but my head is always spinning so… @BIGE that’s why I urge folks to slurry test and then water to that pH.


I’m just do as directed @BIGE
But thanks for heads up I’ll definitely keep that in mind and adjust of necessary brother thanks for the heads up


Hey @BIGE just a update I’ve been watering the promix at 6.2 as per nectar of the gods directions since the line is organic they say it needs to be in that range
I spoke with @Hogmaster about this and was told it should be ok so I did take your advice sir thanks for the heads up :+1:


Heres a update on the scrog gold leaf
She getting bigger every day loving the promix and the gold leaf strain

@bob31 @Hogmaster @Screwauger @BIGE @M4ur @Smokin_ernie @Niala @kabongster @Willd @WillyJ