CB Gold leaf scrog


Well here we go again
I germinated seed a few weeks ago and finally trans planted her into the forever home
5 gal soft pot using Pro Mix BX
Watered her with ph water of 5.8
And set in tent under 4 cob grow lights
2) 400 w roleadro
2 1000 w crxsunny
Text is 4x4x7
And screen is also 4x4
Will top or fim her in a few days
Happy growing all
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ahh you got this :+1:


Thanks @greenthumbfun I’m excited I’ve never grown the gold leaf before so should be a good time


I’ll be following along… :sunglasses:. I’ve got seeds down now, seriously thinking about doing scrog.


Cool @70sChick If you do I suggest one plant to get the most out of it and take your time filling screen. Before flipping to flower
It’s a great technique if done properly
My last attempt indoors worked but I had four plants and didn’t reach the full potential of the technique
I have one outdoors that’s going to reward my patients :+1:


Awesome. Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 for the tip. I have 1 GL seed down and one WW. I’ll have to flip a coin on which to scrog. I also want to experiment with some super cropping this go around.

Hope you don’t mind me stalkin your post for information :sunglasses: I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.


Your welcome to cruise my threads @70sChick
And if you ever need a hand just tag me I’ll be glad to assist in anyway I can


Another awesome grow no doubt!:+1: I got my platinum mix pack so gl is going to be in the mix pretty soon :grin: got to plan it out …I will drop 2 gold leaf 2 purple haze 2 super silver haze 2 sour diesel…that run will be all ilgm genetics :+1:


Thanks for the tag Bro. Excited to see what transpires. I received 5 GL beans a few weeks back. Will be following with interest. Best of luck @Countryboyjvd1971


I will watching this so no pressure man! :sunglasses:


I agree with the 1 plant scrog, especially in a square area. If doing a rectangle maybe 2, as long as pots are side by side. Doing more than 1 or 2 is a real hassle, especially if you don’t have 360 degree access to your pots.


Happy FIMing, Toping and SCROGing… man you speak a funny language! @Countryboyjvd1971

The GL photo has been very hands off grow for me and i know it will be for you too!


all set, changed to “watching :eye::eye:”, may you fill that screen with big, juicy, glistening buds!!


The evil laugh ha ha hahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahha lol looks great buddy


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@bob31 I let you borrow some of mine if I could I just got home from work been there since 4 AM and now it’s 8 Pm Long ass day


man that sure is. Feels good to put the feet up, doesn’t it! @Hogmaster


looking good john boy!!!
i spread the love @bob31


I can’t spread anything right now except some of these emoji things! woo hoo hahahah


Nice job CB! (gotta stay on topic)