Can't decide which way to go

Hello everyone, looking to get some opinions, which do you prefer, or which is better… trimming wet or dry?

Have you tried either one?

I’ve done both. It is easier to get to the base of each leaf to remove stem and all at the base since the flower is more pliable when wet. But they tend to dry faster than I’d like. Leaving the leaves on really slows down the drying process and helps bring out really strong terps. But is a PITA to trim because the dried trimmings tend to stick to the bud.

So for me:

Wet trim = easier
Dry trim = better smoke


What he said ^.

Although I don’t necessarily feel like dry trim provides better smoke. In the summer I can get slow dry with wet trim very easily. In winter months it’s definitely easier to get slow dry when leaves are still on plant. But slow dry is still attainable wet trimmimg if you have the right equipment.


I haven’t, I’m just starting out and I’m just starting the flower stage. Just trying to get a feel for things

Thank you

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Then I’d encourage you to do half and half. See which you prefer.


Couldn’t agree more.


I do both wet and dry trimming. Depends on the plants/buds, the really sticky stuff I’d rather dry trim as wet trimming it gums up the trimmers every couple minutes and I spend more time cleaning/swapping trimmers than actual trimming. I find dry trimming much faster but it’s also much easier to cut off too much. Wet trimming is probably easier for newbies as the small leaves are sticking straight out.


Thank you guys! I appreciate your knowledge.