Can you raise the temperature when growing under led lights?

A question of a fellow grower:

Hi just wondering growing under leds can you raise the temperature a bit someone sed you could becouse its not uv light or somthing got a vero 29. 425 watt with cree techonoly in 1.2 by 1.2m tent and how high would you have the lights got a dimmer on it from 10% to 100%. Also have a lex meter which i measure my lux which i usealy get to around 60.000 but its reads well different under leds his there another metre for leds cheers

Yes there is it’s a par meter. Yes u can raise the temp a little bit I run a heater in my basement for my plants. I even use it for my hps because my basement is so cold

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Please convince member to join us. This has been discussed several times in multiple topics here. Generally speaking canopy temps under leds need to be higher in order to make same leaf surface temperature that hid gets under lower canopy temps.


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I dont agree on the theory with the leaf surface but I am not a pro. Just doesn’t seem very convincing on first thought. All plants have different temperatures they thrive in depending on strain-heritage. Of course it depends on what temperatures we are talking about but anything above 30°C is not good. Just my oppinion.

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If you have something to refute this I would hear you out