Can I keep them short enough through flower so that they don't out grow my room?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have two Blue Dream seedlings started from seeds. They are about 2” tall right now. I’m using a 600w LED. My grow room is 63 inches tall by 36 inches square. Distance from floor to light is is 53 inches. My question is can I keep them short enough through flower so that they don’t out grow my room? If not, should I toss them and start two Northern Lights that I purchased? They are planted in soil."

  • PH of runoff is 6.1
  • Strength of nutrient is 385
  • Indoor grow
  • Light System is 600w LED
  • Temp 80F day 73F night
  • Humidity is 60%
  • Ventilation 4"fan
  • No AC or humidifier
  • No CO2


Thanks @ILGM.Becky ,

If you’re enough confident in your grow skills and a little handy, here’s some tutorial technics that will help you manage and keep them relativly short :

Hoping that’s going to help you, dear customer, do not hesitate to join the forum and ask further questions…,

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Thank you.

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You’re welcome @Donp :innocent:

Sounds like we have the same tent. I use mine just to flower in with a scrog net, plenty of super cropping I keep my plants about 2 ft. Tall from top of pot. I also have a 600w led and 200w hps in there. The combo is awesome imo but you need a big fan.

Side note :memo: your ph is 6.1 , what are you growing in @Donp ?

Right now I’ using Foxfarm seed starter soil. Plants are in 1 quart pots. I will transfer to 3 gallon fabric pots using Roots Original potting soil.

Thank you for the info.

I’d say the scrog technique is probably the best option but I will say this technique is best used with one plant per screen to get most out of technique super cropping and fimming are also good options as well

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I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 I’ve been running multiple plants and it’s a massive headache. In a small tent. 2 plant max in this tent. 1 being the best way imo .

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This is my third grow. The first two were Blue Mystic. Both times I was happy with the results. Since this is my first with Blue Dream I will take all the great information that I have received and work at keeping the two plants from getting too tall.

This is a great forum.
Thanks to all​:+1::+1:


I would say regardless of any methods you use, don’t let them get much taller than 20 inches or so before you flip them. You could maybe go a little higher with a scrog if you tuck properly. But they’re definitely going to stretch quite a bit. Things like your pots, light, and hangers will take up a little of the overall room available too which should leave you with around 4 feet of room for plant height. Not hard at all for sativa leaning strains to take that up.

Thank you, I was thinking of flipping them around 15". Is that ok? Or is it too soon.

That would be ok. You’ll probably want to use some sort of training or topping method to help get a decent yeild.

Sounds good. I will do some topping and LST.
Thank you.