Can I foliar in flowering


This is the end of week 2 in flowering for my ladies. I read up on foliar feeding and was wondering if it was too late to spray on leaves? The foliar spray is called 13 essentials and it’s says it’s recommended to use even late in flowering. COMMENTS???


I try to be careful spraying the plant during flower, with that being said I’m sure others have been highly successful doing it.

My outlook on it has always been if the plant is healthy and vibrant, which yours appear to be, to let their roots do the feeding for them.

With that being said though, I know nothing about 13 essential either.


Leaving any dampness can lead to mold and rot. I would spray and dry if anything.


I personally would not I have heard of people spraying lower leaves tho
You sontbwhant bud rot and excess moisture will cause that so I advise you do not spray in flower