Browning leaves after root bound transplant

Hey all, been lurking on the forums for awhile and finally needed some help from what has looked to be a great community.

Anyways, I started my first grow in a 3x3 tent. Started 3 autoflowers, I’m now almost 4 weeks in. Everything going pretty smoothly. Plants were doing amazing. Since it’s my first time and none of my friends have really grown I’ve been pretty thorough and constant in my reading. Always looking for problems even when they don’t exist.

So… go to transplant 3 plants from a 1 gallon ceramic pot to a 5 gallon mesh pot or whatever they’re called. These plants gave me no indication of being root bound. It had just seemed like time.

Feeling a bit under the weather yesterday but did the biggest plant because I didn’t want to risk it. I’d do the other two today. Do the first one and it’s root bound as hell. Can’t get it out the pots. Find a way to get it out, cut off less than a 3rd. Gently untangled them and move it. This plant is doing great so far today. Looking a lil healthier. I thought it looked a bit droopy for the first time yesterday so that’s also why I wanted to take precautions.

So now I’m like shit, I gotta go at least do my 2nd smallest plant, and that had the same issue. Not quite as bad. Leaves were nice lush green Not sagging at all yesterday. I did a little of the same to it with the root bound area and now one set of leaves are lightly brown around the tips.

Wondering if anyone has any advice on rescitating it, or is it maybe just transplant shock?

Probably a goner?

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No idea, there’s no pictures?

Post a picture we can tell you if she can be saved. Transplanting is the first step in good cannabis friendly soil.
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I’ve been using fox farms happy frog soil the whole way through and their feeding schedule. Like I said, these plants gave me no indication of them being rootbound, that I saw. I couldn’t have missed something but I’ve been pretty diligent in my research and observation…
Actually I think I have a pic from the day before or of the transplant.

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Edit now that I’m looking at it, it is a lil big for that pot maybe. I had wanted to do the transplant 3 days earlier but my effin soil hadn’t arrived until yesterday.

It’s definitely a little big for that pot. General rule of
Thumb is outside leaves reach the edges it’s time.


Yea I just realized that when I looked at the picture. My hands were kinda tied at that point as it got stuck in transit so I don’t think I was as observant as should have been regarding rootbound those last 3 days.

Anyways, do you have an opinion on it? Just patience and hope for the best? I


Give it a little time & it will be fine


Itll come back fine… just make sure you maintain good watering habits now wet/dry cycles. And that bottom fan leaf will be long gone by the time you’re ready to flower. Looks good though, looked back and it even could have been a splash of nutes on the side, or in the dirt and they’ll start that. But wouldn’t fret to much at this point the whole plant looks fine just finding her legs in the new home. Try watering the outer edges of the pot make those roots go out and look for it a little bit. Itll open up the root ball and shell be taking off!


It looks great. Probably won’t even wilt. It still needs a larger container if you have one.
If you’re limited on an upgraded container, and you’re stuck in this one, consider the following:
Water often, and feed often. With 20-% run off to maintain ph stability.


Thanks guys for taking the time to read and reply it’s much appreciated. I was prepared for it to be a goner lol.

Thanks I’ll look into that, really bigger than that? I might have to scrog then if it’s not too late. I think the max height was about 3 ft indoors. Well the expected max.

I thought 5 gal was about where you usually ended up indoors?

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I was referring to this one:

My general rule is 3 gallon for inside. It’s large enough in my opinion.