Bringing plants to the outside


Sorry 6 is from outside and 2 is the one I over watered. Sorry I forgot @Justgrowin


Looking beautiful. Congrats. That time is coming


Some you really can see I had heat problems. I think my light setup did Ok.


@Budbrother. Did you see my plant on bud of the month !


Yes, I’m glad :+1:t3:


Have you smoked WWA. If so is it a good taste,and good for pain? I only smoked bag weed all my life.


Hahahaa smokin’ da widow rn. Tastes good and easy to grow. There are better pain strains out there, but it helps. Mostly I get super high


It is a easy type to grow.



Yummy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I am really happy with the cob 300 watt ralaerdos.I have 3 when in flower the plants like them. It’s all the light I give them. And the the tent temperature is manageable.