Boy or girl? Help a guy out


Hi all! I’m trying to figure out if this is a boy or girl, it’s my first grow



Sorry but the plants in the pics u posted are male and the 2nd pics look hermie… healthy tho… if female they will have white hairs instead of the clusters of pollen sacks… get some feminized seeds right here at ILGM to avoid this…


Thank you for the comment!! The pics are all from the same plant. Is a herm smokable/worth continuing to grow?


Not really. They will pollinate themselves and make seeds, so not making very many buds, also leaving pollen to possibly mess up future grows in my opinion not worth it. Feel free to wait for others ideas and opinions before u make a final decision. This is all in my honest opinion. Good luck and welcome to ILGM


With a hermie you can try to pick the pollen sacs off, but it’s a huge maintenance job, and there is a big chance of it pollinating your crop. Not worth it in my opinion.


Thanks all for the advice. I pulled it from the other two. Sad day