Boveda & Boost RH packs

any one use these packs ? Use Boveda 62% RH and they seemed to take the taste and smell (terpenes & essential oils) from the weed (cured in mason jars) what about Boost they claim not to steal the taste and smell ? have heard more negative than positive. maybe packs are for long term storage ? thouhts ?

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Use the search function. Several topics on them. Lots of good info.

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@steve2 I only use them fir long term storage
And have never heard anyone say they lost smells and flavor cause of them ?
If you jar your product at correct humidity you don’t need them when your drying and or starting the curing process
Also you sometimes will loose smell early on in curing process and the bud will almost smell like hay
This is normal :+1:


I take it Boost Packs are the same ?

I’ll Have to check them out to answer that I’ve never heard of them
Let me some research and I’ll get back there you in a few
Ok just check them out and yeah they do the same as bovida packs :+1:

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