Best Seed banks

What is the best seed bank for exotic seeds that deliver to the USA?

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Lol your on an the site of an excellent seed bank ilgm


If your looking for a seed bank that guarantees germination and has a very large selection of seeds this this site you want ILGM. If you look they have some nice sales from time to time. I don’t think you can go wrong with them. happy growing :bat: :rofl:


As if the first answer would be anything different.


I’m looking to buy regular seeds and a ruderalis strain. Other than that, I’ll buy my seeds from ILGM.


I asked a very similar question a week or so ago. Then I thought about it and was a bit embarrassed that I had posted the question. ILGM has great customer service and from my experience, great seeds. As for the price, I dont think they are over priced.

I am new to this, and maybe there is a place that sells world class seeds with the best genetics and the best yields. Maybe. That said, my skill level is not to where I could get the most out of those seeds. If both @Hellraiser and I had the exact same seeds, the exact same environment and supplies; his end product would be far better than mine. He is better at this than I am. Maybe he, and a few others, on this site would benefit from such a seed, but I would not.

It’s like a Lamborghini. Sure, I could drive it down the road. But, I could not drive that car anywhere near its potential.


I believe in options and this site will always be my first choice, but if there were a strain I wanted to try that they don’t offer me, I feel fine ordering elsewhere and recommending a site

I only have experience with one other site and won’t recommend as they took a long time shipping and were expensive

It was seedsman if you want to check their selection but know shipping takes a while because I think they’re in England


For the sake of just ordering, my most recent order came from Pacific Seed Bank. There were strains I wanted to try and ILGM just didn’t have them in a mix and I didn’t need 5 of each. Ship time was equal to ILGM and they also added seeds as I over paid slightly. Can’t speak to anything more than each of the strains had a 100% germination.

There are two in there from ILGM, Blue Dream and California Dream.

From them
Jack Herer
Casey Jones
Wedding Cake
Granddaddy Purple


Yes because i just wanted to see if there were more exotic strands i can get my hands on like the strands they show in a dispensary.

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Crop King

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Well my experience with PSB, was on par with what I experienced from ILGM. Strain wise though, they have a way larger selection if that’s what you’re after.

Crop kings has been my favorite so far

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What is psb

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Pacific Seed Bank.

I am growing their version of Tora Bora by PSB. She definitely is a mutant. Plus I can’t
get it no where else.

@oldmarine The best Regular seed bank that I know of is Attitude Seed Bank. I wish they wouldn’t have changed their website. They sell so many different Seed Companies. You time it right its bot usual to get 25+ seeds free. Just got to watch for the Promotions.

They shorted me 3 seeds on accident and they gave me 8 seeds.

My seed bank was already established before joining here.

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Pure ruderalis? How’s that going? I would love to know if you find anything.

Theyre in Spain. I was apparently one of the lucky few. My order was confiscated by customs and took forever to get to me. When they resent it they added 29 (yes 29) free seeds for the wait. But if I understand correctly, they wouldn’t have resent it after being confiscated if I didnt pay for delivery insurance which is messed up. All in all even though I got 29 free seeds, I still wouldnt recommend them.

How would I get seeds from ILGM sent to South Africa?


Do not buy seeds from pacific seed bank they are a scam, their breeders are fake breeders and some are stolen from other breeders. Complete scam, totally dishonest company and you have no idea what they are actually selling you.

Crop King is blah, they grow and it’s cannabis but it’s not well bred it’s not good genetics.
Probably the best genetic crop King has is cbd Dutch treat.
They been in buisness for a long time and don’t provide any detailed genetics information.
ILGM produced better quality I think,my 2c

Those are both breeder sites, just like ilgm.
A seed bank is a site like seed city or attitude (probably the two best out there)
Tons of breeders out there.
For your average strains ilgm is good, hard to beat a germination promise and lots of proof their photo seeds are grown my experienced growers to great potential.

If anyone’s looking for landrace or unique genetics then a company like Ace seeds is doing some amazing work

Autos mephisto is all the buzz these days and fastbuds does some good work I like them.

Learn about breeders and genetics that will help you understand what you want, if your not that interested stick to ilgm mix packs.

Knowledge is power.