Bergman auto flower question

Is this the beginning of flowering? This Bergman gold Leaf is about 11 weeks ito growth. This is my first attempt at this so any helpwould be appreciated! How long aftr the first flowering does the 2nd happen?

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I consider the beginning of flowering as soon as I start seeing the the hairs/pistils. She looks like she has been in flowering stage for a couple of weeks. Now all there is to do is wait for her to fatten up some and for the trichomes to mature…

I am kind of confused by the second part of your question.

Any pictures of the whole plant, to get a better idea of where it is as a whole…

Disregard the second part of the question. Thank you for the reply here is a picture of the complete plant. She looks skimpy

There are plenty of ways to get higher yeilds just be glad you made it this far :+1: it’s a little to late for this girl i believe but I would look at low stress training , scrog, and topping/FIM for your next grow

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Thanks for the answer, I will look into all those for my next grow.

I would recommend low stress training next time. Those buds are going to keep getting and swell a little before harvest. I really think your going to like the gold leaf it’s one of my favorites

Thanks for all the help guys, I will use your advice and do the low stress training on the next plant

Hello @goaljudge and welcome to the forum.
What light are you using?
Adequate lighting is crucial in growing and it looks like your node spacing (distance between the branches etc) is somewhat long. With better lighting or lights at best distance they will be closer together which will give you better yields.
Also lighting plays a crucial role in thicker denser bigger buds for a larger harvest.
They need the most light during flowering.

And as mentioned by training them early on it keeps a more even uniform canopy so that the light hits the max # of buds evenly

Your on the right track and your next go will improve and so on.

Looks like we’ve in the same boat! My Bergman’s autos are also tall and skimpy . I also have the “blurple” lighting. Led 600W… seemed to be part of my problem so I just ordered an HLG 100 (3000K) in hopes of fattening up the buds before harvest.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes and am thankful I’ve gotten them this far! I’m amazed that it’s still growing really. My grow is a few weeks past yours and believe it or not… the buds are still growing despite there being not much else there besides a stem and a few leaves. Reminds me of the peanuts xmas tree. :joy::rofl:

Anyway, I’ll attach a few pictures so you can see that there’s still hope for yours. It’s like the plants are putting everything they have into the buds.

I will definitely do better on my next grow. These were some awesome genetics to survive my blunders.

Haha… just noticed this was a year ago.