Benefits of grow journal

I don’t cook with recipes (except if it is a new dish and even then only 50% of the time) so what would I benefit from a journal? Is it a preference/personality thing? My personality is not gravitating towards journals especially when I can get answers here. Thoughts? Thanks!

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Being able to look back is a really nice tool to have. You can also better see feeding, watering and growth patterns that might help future grows.

Data is king!

Not to mention, we want to watch so post it here :slight_smile:


Journals are to help rookies that join our forum and so people can look back on certain strains to be able to help others, also because it helps give other growers info about strains they have not grown as well as new ideas…face it with no journals we’d have a harder time learning and teaching you guys


It helps to keep track of what they have had and when so you can figure what they react better or worse to . Every grow is different so after a while you can go back combine things from different grows . Some grow routines exclude certain methods or nutrients so we call it a tool but truth be told mine is more of a hobbie and toy so I can become more well rounded in knowledge. But it is also real handy after your first harvest and your stoned wondering if you gave nutrients last time you watered 4 days ago or was it just water ?


Lol some of us have needed more help than others thanks again to the mentors from group .


My pleasure, its easy stuff to teach you guys :+1: it really helps when you have a staff member around 24/7 lol


Yes I get it . Perhaps I didn’t state the most obvious reason:
I won’t remember to update it and/or will not know what to document vs not document and to me that is an additional stressor. If writing a journal is difficult for you, would you still do it? ( I already know the answer from those who do not think it’s a burden :slight_smile:) If each grow is different I don’t see the value.

I’m new so the strain behavior angle is probably the only value I see. Because when you have different variables involved in a strain and can mine the data it’s great!

I have a grow journal for a few reasons, main one is I have no one to show and talk about my plants to :sweat_smile: as I’ve gotta keep it completely secretive being an outdoors grower, so catching up with all the legends on here and sharing thoughts/ideas or generally having a chat on the journal is a great thing for me. Journals also makes it easy to get help as soon as a problem arrises. I’ll probably make journals each grow for years to come :+1:


Exactly you have lots to learn and it will come in time to start one, people will ask you how your stuff is doing so on so forth. As for what to document well see posts above they mention it. Write down absolutely every thing your doing to your plants, germination, seedling stage, vegetative stage, and flower stage, what toe of lights and nutrients your using as well as stress methods in time you’ll learn to keep thing updated, and shouldnt be a stressor

Thanks that makes sense although I’m planning on being more responsive in my actions than experimental but that must be my newness. The less stuff I have to do the better, also I don’t want to introduce more variables than are lreasy in play.

Thats ok I understand yea more than likely l, like I said you’ll be alright you’ve got lots to learn

Also I can’t even read my own handwriting:)



The purpoise of a journal is for reference only. For your self or the fellow growers who follow your thread.
Say you keep one and the grow dose well start to finish. But your second grow don’t do so wel… now you have your journal to fall back on to see where it went wrong and hopefully a way to fix it.
that’s why we keep journals



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Personally I’m with @BondPacker
It’s a great way to meet other growers and get help fast for your grow as stated by staff it’s a great resource for you to fall back on a see what you did right and wrong also gives the other grower a chance to follow along and see your progress
With all the different growers you’ll see a lot of different techniques and styles
And great ideas I’ve learned a ton of stuff just cruzing others threads :+1::+1::+1::+1::v:️:blush:


I spend probably too much time cruising threads, theres just too many interesting topics :joy: whether its helping or learning theres always something going on


I’ve already plundered a page or 2 back just to read some of the journals for advice, rather than posting the 100 questions I have about my first grow. I’m keeping a journal because I find the process and watching her grow fascinating and relaxing. Plus, if this is a successful harvest then I can revert back and answer my own concerns or suspicions.

I’ve already had issues answered in my own journal by helpful people, maybe someone comes along and finds an answer without asking a question. Keep in mind, I lurked here and other forums for years but never joined until recently. Hopefully I can contribute at some point lol


Lol, I’ve almost stopped reading books because I just read grow journals Non-Stop. I love being able to see everyone’s grow and learn from everything I can. Not only that meeting great people along the way.


Hi eryone. Happy Hump day. I wished I had kept a grow journal from my first grow. I was being taught by a walking text book and now thankfully I have this site. I do ok on my own but its nice to have something to look back on. I found a thread on Chocolope that is the same age as mine that I am growing now. I love this site and I keep repeating that. Plus, I am a private person in general but its so nice to talk to others about what we are all doing. its like a secret society. I haven’t been to any other grow sites since I joined this one. Don’t think I will ever need to stray.