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Im setting up my indoor grow area and confused as to how to monitor and control the temp, humidity. I have a constant-drain dehumidifier set for 40%, small 5000btu window AC set at 1.5, humidifier set to medium. I set the AC Infinity T-4 fan but this morning there was 30% humidity and 90 degrees (F). The ranges I set were 40-55%humid, and 71-80 degrees. I’m not sure how to regulate the elements. Help. I’ll be planting 5 Purple Kush Auto(indica) and 5 White Widow hybrids.

I use the Sensor Push for monitoring temps and humidity. Only downside is it erases after 1 full year. You can probably find a cheaper version on Amazon. I bought this one as some others here bragged it up. Even after a full year the battery is still good. :+1::+1::+1:

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I have an inkbird 608 on the way and may add a 308 if needed. +1 @Nicky

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I use these

Super cheap and super easy.

Your going to want some controllers to control all that gear but first I would just run the lights and work on dialing in the exhaust fan, run it on its lowest setting and see where your temp and humidty sit.

Then if you need more humidity kick your humidfior on.

When plants are small they don’t need a ton of air exchange, keeping the temp and humidity in line is key though. That’s where a controller or at the very least a timer can come in handy to kick your exhaust fan on once and a while to control heat but allow humidity to build.

Once the plants have grown a bit they will produce more humidity and will need more air exchange so then a constant air exchange is key. This is when your humidity can drop low and fabric pots will also help. Just run your humidfior as strong as you can and do your best.

If your humidity is high then you’ll need to run your fan at high to try and vent the humidity and run a humidfior to try and absorb it, however dehumidifiers produce alot of heat so the exhaust fan will also need to run.
An AC unit will also dry things out. So running an AC unit rather then your exhaust fan if your humidity is high may work for you considering how close it is.

It’s a good idea to think of where the heat and humidty is coming and going.

It takes practice.


Thanks. I have a question: you said:
“It’s a good idea to think of where the heat and humidty is coming and going.”

AC, Dehumidifier and Humidifier all outside the the grow area but in same room. Fan is in tent area.

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hope your well @Nicky

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@Nicky alive kicking with 3 different rooms on the go now oh yes ive been busy. i hope your well and hope you have atleast been able to get out a little

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All is just gravy here my friend, the girlfriend is done her 2nd last semester in nursing yahoo!

I have a new contract that has me home evey night, had a harvest recently and already growing more of course. A clone experiment is going on in my big tent and I’m growing some of MattyBear’s genetics.

You’ll have to show us when you have a chance

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right @Nicky so i new havw a 3x3 tent plus a 2x2 plus the room and a wardrobe nursery

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as one can see i have hydroponics and coco and a what not lol glad your doing well nicky laddo


Nice, your controlling your air and humidity well this time? I see your just into flower on those middle ones. Looks about week 3, time to defoilate!

And thank you, hope your doing well and the wife and issues with wife is going well.

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oh yes @Nicky im all over them even though there is alot to do i get it done as i need to payout lol

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just bought this bad boy lol

12″ (315mm) Silenced Hyper fan V2 – 3100 m3/h
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Designed to generate immense static pressure, so even when your carbon filter, metalwork and ducting are attached – you’ll still get plenty of air out of your grow room.

@Nicky let me tell you its perfect and quiet i love it

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£660 at that price it should be quiet lol

wish you well @Nicky @MrPeat


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