Avoiding light in tent when its all sealed up during flowering

What does everyone do?
Just switched to flower on Sunday. Currently have just 4" dryer ducting coming out for air intake but I’m worried about any small amount of light getting in there or is that overblown?


If at all possible get in it and see what it looks like with the lights on on the outside but off in the tent, see if there are any light leaks and then we can figure out how to address them. :+1::+1:


You can take som flexible ducting and put it through your vent hole and put a couple bends in it. Still get flow and now light.


That’s what I did. Was paranoid it wasn’t long enough.

You can always cut a leg off of some really thin breathable material and stretch it over the ducting. Good luck.

Like your tag. I am a older Dead Head of many tours. The good old days.

Right on my friend. Can’t stand Dead and Co though. Thanks for the tip I can’t really see any light when I zipped myself inside. I think I’ve been influenced by people online and the light thing may be overblown. I had a plant on my back patio last summer and my neighbors porch light was on lots of times and I had no issues. I like the idea of putting some material over the ducting. Just gotta find something that works. Cheers

Go to a craft store and grab some porous black foam. Not even the atmosphere is the same at a Dead and Co show. To much of a mix for me. The good old days of touring.Peace.

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Thanks for the tip! Yeah I’ve seen every itineration of the Dead since Jerry died and Dead and Co probably my least favorite. Too slowed down. Anyway, thanks again. Peace