Autoflower seedling check

Here’s an update picture they sprouted 11 days again, I overwatered early on so they seem to be a little behind. Also they are started to get yellow spots, what does this mean?

Also I’ve been watering to ph 6.5 a couple times at line 6.7 cause I got lazy ngl. It might still be a over watering issue, it kind of confuses me I swear the soil is dry when I water but idk

In regards to my newest post my theory is that they got burned from water on the leaves but idk I’m still new

Is that fox farms soil?

Let me see a closer pic of the yellowing.

So one of them is half ocean farms happy frog and half miracle grow and the other is all miracle grow

This pic is the half happy frog and yellow is just on the tip of the one leaf

This one is all miracle grow and has a little more yellowing, leaves are also the slightest bit brittle but barely and drooping

So…here’s my initial thoughts. Both those soils have fertilizer and it looks like they could be just experiencing a little nute burn. Being so young they dont need much. I am using FFOF and both times Ive used it the seedlings looked rugged for a week while I’m assuming they were adjusting to there overly hot environment. Both times my seedlings adjusted and moved along fine.

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Thanks you so much I wasn’t freaking out but was getting nervous lol anything I should do? I also bought jacks 321 obviously haven’t used it yet but that’s what I have in store for the future

Once that seedling gets bigger you’ll start watering to runoff. You’ll be testing that runoff to determine how much to feed and what PH to run your water. Once your PPMs are coming out under 1000 we’ll start feeding.

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Would this be a good enough ppm meter? It’s the same ph tester I had and that seemed to work good enough

The blue one in the middle? Yep that should do it.

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Hey so the one with nute burn died and looks like the other one is starting to get it worse, I already ordered some ocean Forrest soil for my next attempt. Can I plant seedlings in it or is that too hot for them too?

I believe that soil is just fine.

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