Autoflower Outdoor Grow in Southern New England

Hi folks. I would like to do as the title says. I’m growing Amnesia Haze and in the ILGM description it says that it takes 8 weeks to flower. I will be starting the girls inside of course with an outdoor 15 gal bag when ready. My main question is when to start germination to get them ready to go outdoors by end of May? Or is my planned schedule to early?

I’m learning and growing here!



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I grew a crop of AH photo last season in Massachusetts (east coast).
I had a nice crop. harvested in early-mid October.
I grew in 7 gal bags and had to put in the ground, so 15 Gal ? I have girl scout cookies inside in 7 gal bags they’ll be big enough.
I started my outside grow in April I let grow 1-month in tent and put outside late May. you could probably start later. plan on putting them outside for good Late May


Welcome to the community! Just take it into consideration with autos They will start flowering 4 to 7 weeks from seed. Good luck with your autos.

Thank you folks. I find it incredible how fast these thing cycle! I’m glad I won’t have to worry about getting these potted too early since, due to the pandemic, my shipment from ILGM could be significantly delayed. I believe I have all I need equipment and material wise for a successful grow. I just need mother nature to cooperate and for me to gain the smarts the unbelievable grow community is providing.