Autoflower Dark Time Light Leaks

OK. I’m almost convinced I want to go 20/4 with my autos – to help with daytime heat. I’ve never put plants in the dark. Will light leak matter to the autos? How much light leak is a problem?

I don’t think there would be a problem since they can handle 24/0. Also, light leaks…I’ve read somewhere that it has to be in a certain spectrum to affect them (mostly photo plants), and a certain intensity. Otherwise it’s just like moonlight (for your moon babies!) or starlight. Can you put black plastic (garbage bag) over your window? Light leaks from under a door, could always tape a strip of black plastic to the bottom like a truck mud flap.
Just searched…other forum, our trusted guru posted it.

AFAIK light leaks won’t hurt autos. My tents are in their own room, so they only have a bit of ambient light in the room at night. Hasn’t caused any issues. If you’re not tented, I’d take some extra precautions as @Spudgunner listed above. Outdoor plants never get 100% darkness, there’s always some light at night even on a moonless night.


I would say the light leak, if any is very minimal. Hahaha. This is the light leak around the door. I can easily cover it if necessary.

My concern is when I need to get into the room. Not that I should have to … but I’m a worrier, just ask @Retiredoldguy and @Reed71 – they know.


@GrnyGrows they will be fine the light leaks won’t hurt them


Oh I know you worry, been following you! But not in a creepy way, lol!


I just spit on my monitor. You are so funny. I love to worry – I swear it’s my life’s work. That’s why I need to grow, so I can chill and worry about not worrying.