Auto or Feminized?

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I got autoflower seeds but unfortunately my last crop got ruined because we went out of electricity and flowers turned hermaphroditis. On top of that they got to be huge monsters, friend of mine suggest buying a generator but can’t afford this investment right now. Is there a chance if you guys can tell me if those flowers are auto or feminized. Both plants are at week 4 now. Thank you

What is the source of your seeds and what did you purchase? Autos are almost all ‘feminized’. Unless you bought ‘regular’ seeds your plants are all feminized. Stress on these will often induce an hermaphrodite.


I got them from ILGM , I know that autos don’t care much about light cycle so I was shocked when they turned herm. after out of electricity that’s why I thought they are feminized

All feminized seeds are somewhat twitchy and autos in particular can be prone to hermaphrodite under stressed conditions. Having everything dialed in and optimized minimizes the chances of this happening but all growers have to monitor for this. More than likely the loss of light triggered a herm response.


Are you asking if the auto has seeds from pollinating itself will the seeds be auto feminized seeds or auto regular seeds?
I am not seeing any male parts in the pictures.


This isn’t really the case. A more proper statement is Autoflower genetics should flower without a short day.

Any plant can go herm if stressed enough. The best bred genetics will be more resistant though. A plant that has sudden change in it’s environment that lasts long enough will have some sort of reaction. In the case of having no light the plant can only sustain itself for so long and then start having adverse reactions. Self pollination could be one of them.

I didn’t either. @Bruno_Capone could you pleas post some pictures of what you suspect to be male parts?

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Do you have a question in regards to this picture? There is pistils present, this is female part.