Auto Banana Kush query

Hi guys

I germinated 2 Auto Banana Kush at exact same time, planted in the same medium in pots next to each other and both fed the exact same food.

Let them do their thing and 8 weeks later they budded up completely differently to each other

Any ideas on what happened to the string bean one. This is my first time doing autos and wondering if it is worth it

In Oz and it is coming to the end of summer



The one plant with no buds is a male and will or has most likely pollinated your female with seeds. If youre lucky enough to not find any seedn forming on the female id remove him immediately by placing a large garbage bag or something over the top of it to prevent any pollen from escaping and chop him down. Or let them go and youll have very seedy weed but will also have a ton of seeds for next season


It was meant to be a feminised auto…bummer!!

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I could be wrong and its some kind of weird mutation thats only producing single calyx buds. Someone else got anything on this.


Can u get a closer pic? Sure looks boyish to me. But, many have girlie hairs.

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I agree,she is a girl.
I would let her finish and use her for edibles or butter.

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You have 2 girls. Unfortunately Autos are bred with cannabis ruderalis, and one of your Autos Ruderalised on you ( the ruderalis gene was doninate in the plant) . Unfortunately thats one of the chances with Autos. Ive had to throw out a few because of this. As someone mentioned above, just see what you get at harvest and turn it into hash. The other girl fortunately looks gorgeous!


Is this close enough

That’s what I was thinking…never seen this before

First and probably last time I grow autos outdoors
Very finicky :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ooh hash…good idea

Now have to work out how to make hashish :rofl::rofl:

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Just use it to make a firecracker :exploding_head:

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