Assembly my tent - Alone


I’m trying to assemble my tent by myself; I don’t know anyone to ask in person to help me.

The poles were all marked so it was easy in that regard; but I’m having trouble getting that last piece to fit in the pole where it belongs while having the fabric tent over the frame

When I tried to put the tent over the frame, it was a real struggle when i got to putting the tent over the frame at the bottom of the tent; I got this great idea to loosen one pole and that made the tent go over the frame; but now I can’t get the notched piece to go back in the matching pole.

I’ve tried the top of the frame pole and I’ve also tried the middle of the pole; I’m afraid of tearing the tent if i make it any more taut trying to get the poles together; and I know I can’t put the light up as the frame is not sturdy

Any idea how I can accomplish this by myself?

You have to assemble the frame completely first inside of the bottom part of the tent. Then do the top and slip it all together. I have a gorilla tent so it comes with the top as a seperate peice that goes on first then the rest zips to it. But you should be able to wiggle it over after the frame is complete. Your not going to get it in by pushing it up the extra few inches to slide the pole in for sure. Just cuz the tent doesn’t stretch like that


Bingo on what dieselgrow said. Start over and do what he said. It’s a pain in the arse but no short cuts.

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What kind of tent is that?

I just put together a 5x5, 7’11’’ Gorilla by myself. The side posts were in three sections so I put together the top two placed the skin over it & set two in place while the back two were tetering on a ladder then went to the back & placed them. I tried several ways & this one worked for me. PITA. Had to remove overhead lighting too. Should mention I had the bottom 1/2 put together in base of tent skin with 1 side post in each corrner before starting the top. It was easier for me to wrestle the poles together not on a ladder.

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Gotta make the frame first then put cover , don’t tie your shoes before you put them on


@CMichGrower, I’m putting together a Spider Farm tent. 3x3x6

Yes usually the tent door opens enough that u can set the bottom of frame in tent and pull the top over the frame then zip door shut.

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Great analogy @Randy_Marsh, definitely gave me a chuckle :rofl: :laughing: LOL LOL

If you can lay the tent on it’s side it goes together easier you will be pulling tent fabric from all over instead of just one side, then raise the tent back up if you have the room

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Thank you everyone! I managed to get the tent back off of the frame, put all the poles together, and maybe because i had had it mostly on… It was easier to take off and then put the tent over the fully set up poles (I did place it on it’s side), so it finally is assembled this morning.


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