Are those little lady’s ok?

@FullyMedicated @HMGRWN @Bobbydigital @Randy_Marsh @Carpenter @Drinkslinger The ladies are drinking plenty of water. The soil was dry so I watered them today.

Should I be worried about this lady?

The others are fine.

3 mils Cal-Mag

2.5 mils Micro

4 mils Grow

1 mils Bloom

The PH and PPM

Ph 6.19

PPM 800

The Run off PH and PPM

Ph 6.2

Ppm 700

Check that leaf underside for pests and watch for that to spread. Kinda looks like you may have gotten it wet. It appears to be very localized and the plant looks good otherwise. Great in fact.

  • maybe a bit bushy *

No pest.
Don’t remember getting it wet, but I can be wrong.
Scared to defol again so soon. The last one traumatized me. :sneezing_face:

This can indicate pH issues/fluctuations.

pH 6.2 is a little low, but since it’s only one leaf, that’s recessed, and the new growth looks ok, I’d keep an eye on it for spread.

Is this a “band aid” on a break?


Yes that’s a break it happened 3 days ago and I haven’t mentally recovered from that yet. But it looks like it healed.

What ph number should I be hitting?

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I like to keep my soil between pH 6.3-6.7. I let it swing a little between those 2 numbers. But ideally pH 6.5.

I’ve broken quite a few stems, they almost always heal back.

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@Drinkslinger @FullyMedicated @HMGRWN @Bobbydigital

Any defol advice?

I’m thinking about taking that next step as @HMGRWN mentioned they are a bit bushy.

All of my plants look like this.

They are 26 days old today.


You can take some of the largest fans blocking bud sites but they’re not bad to where they need a major defol


Do that and any interior leaves to help with circulation.
They should start stretching a bit more soon.


Bro I was messing with mine I broke her 2 times … will see how she reacts

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I would need therapy if that happened to me. This first grow is gonna give me a nervous breakdown.

Just like a first kid. Baby proofing the house and shit. Second one, baby proof gone and you’re just pointing out the dangerous stuff. Third one, good luck kid.


Many opinions on this.
I like to clear the bottom most branches/leaves, but how far up depends on the size of the plant. I typically cut clones from the bottom nodes. I’m on the “minimal defoliation” bandwagon.

There may not be a correct answer.


That is so accurate. I can relate I have 2 sons .

And I’m currently dealing with Autos so I’m afraid to stress them out. And trying to clone them is a waste of time . I’ll do a little light defol. You will hear my screams and tears from where ever you are.

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Hey guys I’m on day 30.

15 plants.

  3. 4x4 GROW TENT

Do you guys think the tent is to crowed?


@HMGRWN @FullyMedicated @Carpenter @Randy_Marsh @Bobbydigital

Hey guys,

Is this the point I start to loose my mind? Or those leaves should have been defol along time ago.

I have 3 other plants like that.


You may want to start taking out some of that inner growth. I know it is painfully scary but a lot of that interior stuff will not develop anyways.
P.S. That is a nice looking baby cola in 1st pic. :white_flower:


I agree with hmgrown! they look healthy good job!

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Thanks man Im trying.