Arborist's 2020 grow journal

should be working rn but im planning out my next grow instead lol

for this yr and future grows i treated myself to a tent upgrade – 2x2x4 to a 2x4x6-foot-something
for the light for the new tent i went with an hlg 320W xl quantum board v2 rspec (was looking at an electric sky light around same price). i don’t plan on upgrading either anytime in the near or distant future :joy:

going to assemble the tent after work. i’ll have to post pics once the light gets here.

my soil for the grow is outside cooking (went with some coco/perlite/compost/castings/cheap organic soil mix with some amendments, wrote dwn the recipe somewhere lol). all organic nutes like last grow, but streamlining greatly.

i’ll be popping a raspberry diesel -hoping for good resin production- and a bruce banner because reviews sounded really good.

really learned a lot my first grow (which is still finishing uh never again amnesia haze autoflower), and this year i’ll be more focused on my plants. im about done spending money finally lol - next week or week after i should be ready to drop seeds into water.


Yeah, that’s what I keep thinking LOL. Good Luck, set to watch


And that’s what I keep trying to convince my wife of. But there’s always just one other…


the girls are doing well:

they are in solo cups with ffof and have only had urb and liquid seaweed and ro water ph 6.2-6.4 so far, and they are doing great.

had to add a bit of extra support for two of the girls because they were leaning quite a bit i guess from the fans but i’d prefer to leave them on for turbulence to make the stems stronger and for air circulation.

the light is on 18/6 and i water them when droopy or when the cup is really light.

really not doing much at this point just letting them grow.


girls have been growing well the past few weeks. recently xplanted them to 1gal pots with a mix of coco and organic soil, with basic amendments mixed in (444/484 dte + azomite). before that i topped them.

yesterday i watered the girls with a bit of some dechlorinated water w/humic acid. totally forgot to ph… today i gave them a light watering of dechlorinated water w/humic acid, urb, and molasses ph to 6.5. gave them a foliar spray of ph 6.5 water + liquid seaweed.

they’re doing well:


Looking good. :+1:


Those plants look great.

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long-overdue for an update.

on a high note, the girls look great.

but you might notice one girl is gone i had to remove her sadly:

one of the girls (og kush) was showing some signs of having an infection of some sort (i suspect in the family of mosaic viruses). all three girls were popped at the same time (different breeders) and raised in the same soil (50/50 blend of rehydrated and rinsed and buffered coco brick from amazon, and costco organic soil). looking back at pictures, it was maybe halfway through veg that signs were really clear:

but anyway onto brucie (bruce banner) and raspy (raspberry diesel). both girls were transplanted into 3 gal pots to settle in and have some room to stretch at the beginning of flower.



i supercropped them to try and even out the canopy before flipping in may.

excited to flip them. they’re my first photos.

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