Aquaponic Duel Root Zones


While I tend to use only the Aeroponic method when growing, I’ve decided to try duel root zones. Maybe you’ve had a chance to read over my Hormones thread; Hormones & Cannabis (NAA) (6-BA) (GA-3) , if not, I was doing some foliar spraying, and I didn’t like how it turned out, and the gave me this idea.

Anyways, I picked up a Viking Huskylock 936 serger. I had one that I used about 10-12 years ago, but lost it in my divorce, so I’m a bit rusty. Hell, it took about 3 hours to remember how to thread the darn thing.

Ok, the idea is to use Soil-worm castings and aeroponics, in the Aquaponic grow. This is another weird concept, and not a normal method. This plants will be grown side by side, in a system designed for hydroponic. Hydroponics and non-Hydroponics, in the same system, wow.

If your unfamiliar with my Aquaponic system, here’s a link:

I’m in the process of developing a fabric pot in which you can use in systems designed for Hydroponics, but for the use of soil. Here a few pictures of the steps. (not really hydroponics anymore)


As you can see, the sides are a fabric typically found in Smart Pots. At first, I looked for a fabric pot that would be the size to fit into the 6in bucket net pots, but apparently no companies make them.

I have fabric that I use in some DIY filters, and noticed roots grow through, but soil tends not to.


This would be version 1.0. Again, I used recycled soil, worm castings, and probably some Pro Mix and Coco, on and extra throw away clone.


Immediately I saw that run off of medium would be a problem, as any particles would get caught up in the rest of the Aero sprinklers. I had to rethink my design. This is version 2.0. Basically the same thing, but with wings.

I also added another layer of the filter fabric on the bottom, so it’s a little thicker.


Soon I’ll be building an Ebb&Flow, Aquaponic addition to this system. This will allow me to clone and immediately transplant into these fabric pots.

When the plants are big enough to move to the Veg rooms, I can just grab one and plop it into the bucket net pots, for the duel root zone Aquaponics, with Aeroponics below.


Got some time and thought invested, I’m a huge fan of ingenuity. I personally don’t know enough about hydro yet but I like how your mind works. Sooooooo was this one of this things you thought about blazed or was this sober mind thought?:four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:


Lol, maybe…


OK ur a mad scientist to say the least. Awesome. First does the aero system do any more for yield , THC, flavor. 2nd is it that hard. I’m just starting my 2nd soil grow and was wondering if someday to try some strain of herb with a aero system. 3rd that’s awesome work combining the 2 I can’t wait to start my first hydro in a few months. This is awesome.


@Dumme you’re killing it dude. What a concept. It’s a great idea, and I hope you can make it work because I think it’s such a cool idea! Great sewing too!


Honestly @Dumme I think with the soil everything is going to stay too wet and cause problems I think if u where to use rockwool u would have a lot better chance because you can never drown your plants in rockwool although they might be angry with you for being too wet but in soil I think you’re going to run into a damping off issue even with the aeroponics and aquaponics setup it will still be too much water in too much moisture in the soil let me know just trying to help buddy … Luv your threads my man…




Check out the picture posted above. Notice how low the sprinkler shoot compared to the top of the roots. The company I use makes many different sprinklers, each with different angles. The hope is to find the correct one that would work in this case, but your right, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.


Just an update on a clone…

She spent a 3 weeks as just a soil grow, being fed with aquaponic water only by the top. Now after almost a week of aeroponics…


Watch that trunk… :fearful:
It looks a Lil fishy where it meets the soil…:neutral_face::confused:



Im pretty sure that was rooting compound and undeveloped root tips, but you can see Thrips damage, lol.


Don’t get me wrong @Dumme I love to experiment…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

2 Ilgm ww and a Cali fruity kush … Just sitting in a tray of nutrients and a Lil air to boot… Maybe 2 & 1/2 weeks old… From seed…



A Lil better pic of the Lil bratts…lol




For those that follow and thought I might get stem root, I have good news :slight_smile: I’m not out of the water yet, and won’t be till I move her in the flower room, or upgrade her aero chamber, but its a good start.


Total Aero-Soil success so far…

Those are snails in the second plants roots (2nd picture).


Are the snails a good thing or a bad thing?..
The stalks on those are huge …
Glad to see that it’s working…



Snails are a sign of a healthy system :slight_smile: , but theyre not a good thing as they clog my spray heads (or everthing) :frowning: . Fish love to eat them, but they can only get to the ones in the fishtank.