Apollo Horticulture 250 Watt CFL

Apollo Horticulture 250 Watt CFL Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb of 6400K, 10,850 Lumens with reflector.

Will this be enough for 5 plants for 3 to 4 weeks veg. They will be in a 3X2 space.

I have a 400W HPS for flowering

Thank You

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I would say yes. But wait for the big dogs to weigh in on this, they know all the formulas to figure out the perfect amount of lumens, watts, etc.

But from what I know, that would be a great light for veg since it’s a CFL and you could set it a couple inches from your canopy, giving optimum lumen output. Also, the recommended wattage per square foot is 50 watts. So if you take your 3x2 tent, it equals 6 square feet, so then 6x50w=300w. So your only 50 watts off, which shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Depends on your setup, but that should work. Watts and Kelvin are important. Lumens just kind of comes with the watts. More electricity the brighter it will be. Kelvin is the color. I have some diagrams the guys on here gave me if you want.

Thank you for the replies. I would love to see the diagrams.

I have been testing distances with the 250W CFL. It seems everyone says about 6" or less from the CFL light to the plants. This is a huge bright light. At 6" with a fan the temps are 90 or above. At 15" it is a pretty steady 76 degrees.
Is 15" to far? I can’t get it any closer without too much heat.


I like this one below.

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Yes watch that heat, with my home made chandelier i started with it up high. Then lowered it slowly and watch the lighting on the plant. I use my sun glass to help not blind me. Mine are 2 x23 watt 5000 k. And there about 6 inches above plant. So with how brighter and stronger your bulb is you shouldn’t need it that close. There is a sweet spot with lights. The plant will either reach for the sweet spot or not. Hope that helps.