Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

Lemon Tree has been a hit for pain killing, and it’s a nice 50/50 hybrid. Blueberry has been a go-to for easing boredom without causing that uncomfortable energetic high.

The trick is going to be knowing the genetics of the strain you get because no one breeder breeds things the same. One breeder’s Gelato may be entirely different than another’s (I.e. more sativa or indica leaning, more focused on a head high or a body high, etc).


@StarKiller I have found that most indicas are good for pain. My favs are Girls Scout Cookies, God Father OG, & Lemon Frosting.

However, I have been using for 40 years… Sooo things will be different for most.


I haven’t tried Lemon Tree, but Lemon Frosting is Lemon Tree x Animal Cookies… Great for pain, beautiful, tasty, nice aroma… I don’t think I could have enough of those seeds…just stocked up from Greenpoint Seeds on those… They are on reverse auction… I think I paid $25 for 6 seeds including shipping.


Thanks to all of you, yes I was asking about suggested strains, although I was also asking what size infinity jar would hold say, half an oz, as I’ll likely get a half oz of 3-4 different strains to try, as I’m hoping that would be enough for me to see if each one helps and/or if I like the effects. Although I’m guessing, does that sound like a reasonable course of. Action, or should I get less/more of fewer/more strains?

The dispensaries are only about a half hour from my house, and I’m thinking I might only get there once, maybe twice a month.

Unfortunately I stopped driving as nerve damage from my various back surgeries have left me with very little, if any, feeling in my right foot, and while I’d likely do fine, even with my limited rotation of my spine, but I don’t believe I have the right for me to risk everyone else, on or near the road, just because I hope that I’d be okay to drive, while barely being able to feel the gas and/or break pedal with my right foot.

Thanks again for the suggestions. Along that same line, anything I should look for, or look out for, at these shops and their products? They all opened within the last couple months, but of course it’s been decades since I’ve bought flowers, and when I did it was in a friend’s living room, not a storefront. :rofl:


I hadn’t heard of t strain before, but I went there and read about it a bit, and now REALLY want to try it, and I’ve still got always before I even decide if it helps me and if I’ll be able to grow my own or not.

I’ve got a say, the bud pics on here are enough to drive someone crazy, some are so frosted it looks like they’ve had powdered sugar sifted onto them. :exploding_head:


@StarKiller I grew the Lemon Frosting last grow… Turned out just like the pic… Was very frosty, potent, one of my favorites.


Thanks for sharing kind friend!

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Critical Mass seems to be working miraculously for me. It’s a great strain with about 5% CBD in it… takes my pain away, without leaving me feeling anxious at all.


Right on Earth momma! Thanks for sharing. My wife may enjoy that strain.

Edit: where did you get your seeds?


ILGM! The Feminized Crirical Mass photoperiod strain, is what I’m growing and harvesting right now. It’s amazing. :heart:

If you read the description on their website about the strain and it’s effects, it’s pretty much right on. :+1::+1::+1::seedling::seedling::seedling:

Glad to help!


Looks like a bunch of parsley, from afar, with a lot of toothpicks sticking out of it. Lol.

It’s much more than it looks like in my photos, though! Hahaha. Got quite the jungle going these days.

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Awesomeness! Especially since I can get them here!!

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Beautiful ladies there!!

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Thank ya! I’m loving it!

Greetings and thank you for your time,
I have been having great success with the Granddaddy purple. I did Granddaddy purple auto’s on my first grow for my RA, and severe back issues. I have so GG#4 to start up next with which I have also had great pain relief using. The cvaults are great they have several sizes for personal use all the way up to use for curing.

Alot of choices.
Take care and thank you.

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Greetings and thank you for your time,
Your history sounds like mine, with the severe back issues and having 15 surgeries from RA. I made it into retirement a year now. The meds almost did me in, I worked my way off of all, and on medical cannabis entirely.
Check out the Gorilla glue #4, and Granddaddy purple, they both have been very helpful for me.
Take care brother and thanks for your time.


Thanks to everyone, I will definitely give those strains a try, assuming one of the places carry them. I’m not really sure how the selection is, I’ve only been in one store, and that had just opened (it’s actually a temp store in a construction office type cargo container, for now and until they can get a building built,) and they have 5 strains in large jars, and some others prepackaged, but I didn’t pay attention to what strains they carried as at the time it wouldn’t have meant anything to me. Plus I was expecting the appointment for my card to be on the 5th, but it was canceled and rescheduled for the 24th of this month (not sure I’ve said here, I don’t need the card to buy it, as the shops on the reservation are recreational dispensaries, but I need the card so I can test positive for weed without my pain management doctor dropping me.)


yep same here i, i been doing blind tests with friends both flower and eds and people are thinking they are two different strains…and its true there are similarities but for some reason the stuff in grove bags came out way denser than what i had in jars …but i also was having issue getting grove bag humidity right (entirely my fault in the end) so that also may have played a role in the difference. im sold though i will probably never go back to using mason jars to cure thankfully …adios 1858, hello 2022!!!


Happy Cake day! Canna cake :wink:


Ah yes @Beltana Happy Cake day to you! Jungle looks Devine!! Well done


Happy Cannabudaversry, Earth Mama!!!