Anyone have any hook ups on seeds?!

I’ve been trolling the site trying to see if anyone knows of any good seed banks. I can’t seem to access the link for seed banks!!
Anyone know of a seed bank w’reasonable pricing?
FYI- working on a single mom budget BUT the operative word here is “WORKING”. :slightly_smiling_face::wink::upside_down_face:
Thanx in advance for all y’alls help!!


Click on this


Ilgm has a great reputation for sales and support. Seed price may seem high but you get a lot for the money. Are you in a legal area I have found some dispensaries have seeds and a couple hydroponic shops in my area sell seeds as a novelty item.


Linda has seeds google it, cut throat prices if you buy her stock as well

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In ilgm you can get you seed they re 100% guarantee germination don’t get shipped seed if you go to spend you money with not garanteee they re good stain and germinate

Im assuming ou are a new grower.

With that in mind, I would buy from ILGM. 420 sale happening now, guarantee on germination, and feminized seeds so you don’t have to deal with males.


I’ve had great luck with ILGM. I’m getting more seeds delivered in the mail today actually. I find that their prices are generally on par with other seed banks. And the buy10 get 10 is a great deal. The only other one I’ve used with any consistency is Attitude. But if you live in the states it’s worth going with ILGM just for the fact that they can’t get yanked by customs.

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I get mine from ILGM just germinated 9 seeds. Banana Kush, Black Widow and LA confidential. They all opened after 24hours in wet paper towels and are now in seed starting tray. So far 8 have sprouted in less than 48 hours. I also ordered seeds from Pacific seed Bank but they have not arrived yet.

NICE!! Thank y’all so much!! I have thousands of seeds from my harvest that pollinated last summer. The only problem is each plant were from seeds I’d randomly find in my sacks (I am too 420’d to figure out how to say that w’out it seeming pervy, but what the hell, it’s been awhile…LOL) so I never knew what strains they were.
I’ve gotten regular seeds from a friend who’s starting up his seed back but they’re only regular seeds.
I wanna get feminized so I know what I’m growing. I wanna try SOG growing & that’s difficult to do if ya don’t know what strain(s) you’re working with and if they’re all feminized.
I didn’t know this site also sold seeds! YAAASSS! I’ve bought seeds from a couple of banks that ended up being a waste of money so y’all vouching for em says something.
Again…thank y’all!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Each strain has its own characteristics based on THC content, CBD content, yield, difficulty to grow and some others. When you go on ILGM store you can filter your search. Then read the info completely. I got Banana Kush and Black Widow and LA confidential. But there are others that are more popular.

ILGM is dependable and has great customer service, my only complaint is with pack sizes.
I grow personal only and like to keep a good mix of strains on hand, with 3-4 different in flower all the time. So I order a good bit from north atlantic out of Maine, I sometimes buy a single seed or a 3 pack of several different strains and get more seeds and multiple strains versus the 5-10/20 packs of a single strain I get with ILGM. North atlantic does ship faster and adds free beans to orders, but other than the aforementioned pack size I wouldn’t say one was any better than the other.

Just buy some great genetics