Annoying Vape guys have a use after all

If you’ve recently quit smoking cigarettes you already know about nicotine vaping with
vegetable glycol. The newest and greatest thing to help those stinky tobacco smokers
finally kick the habit. Well, not all tobacco is smelly. After being a cigarette smoker for
28 years, I was able to end the expensive and dirty smelling habit of emptying ashtrays
and stepping out in -20F weather just to get a few drags on half a smoke.

I quit smoking 5 years ago and I thank God every day that I did. I was able to do it with the
help of Vaping nicotine juice. A mix of Polypropylene glycol and Vegetable glycol with a
dash of nicotine was my saving grace. Since then I still vape on occasion to crush the
cravings and it keeps me from stressing out and resorting to that icky cigarette smoking
hut that they put on the outskirts of every place unlucky enough to have a smoking section.
However, vaping nicotine juice HAS it’s uses and Holy Moley it’s a big one.

Ever since the 1970’s farmers have been using a Glycol and Nicotine fogger to kill off pests
such as aphids, thrip, gnats, fungus flies and other pesky crop wrecking itty bitties.
Just so happens that vaping around your cannabis plants has a good possibility of
preventing or chasing away those little bastards. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, there is
a caveat.

That caveat being the polypropylene glycol isn’t that great for your cannabis plants. You will need to make sure the nicotine juice is made up of 100% Vegetable Glycol and not a 50% mix
of both Poly and Veggie which MOST nicotine juices are. It is however fairly easy to locate or
purchase mixes that are 100% vegetable glycol, either locally or via the interwebz.

If you are prone to pests and know someone who vapes, or you, yourself is an Ex-vaper of
nicotine juice and have extra laying around. Do the research yourself and discover what I did.
It’s amazing what you can learn on the internet these days.

Oh and remember when they closed all the asylums here in the US during the late 80’s?
No need to fear, they are all on the internet and doing well. They hang out in the flat earth
section of 4Chan.