Amnesia Haze auto seed trouble

Has anyone had a problem with the ILGM AH auto seeds? I dropped 3 into a cup of water, they floated for awhile then sunk after lightly tapping them to see if they’d sink. I pulled them out of the water placed in damp paper towels and put in ziploc in the dark. One seed blew up over night, taproot was almost an inch long. Placed her in soil 2 days ago and shes doing fine but her 2 sisters aren’t doing anything. They’re still in damp paper towels and ziploc hoping they’re late bloomers. I need some input please. 1st auto grow
Thank you all in advance.

Occasionally seeds just do not germinate.
This is true in all of nature.
Do give them a few days to make sure.
ILGM will replace bad seeds but you need to contact them thru your account/email
Just explain what you said here to them.

sometimes seeds hatch slowly.
soak seeds in ph’d water with hydrogen peroxide(a couple of drops) for 24 hrs. place in paper towel…moisten, drain off excess water, cover and put in a warm spot.
any seed that is healthy will hatch within 3 days.

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I have pretty good success for gettin a paper towel wet put seeds in paper towel and put in tubberwear dish and close and put in dark place ( I put it on top of my grow tent and check twice daily) and it works pretty well for me

I’ve done paper towel in the past. It’s just weird how one seed did great and the other 2 did nothing and they all were dropped at the same time sunk at the same time shared the same shot glass and paper towel. The mystery of the cannabis seed. Not happy about 33% success rate for seeds popping.

Warm temperature is key. Try to have it between 77-80°F

One popped and she’s in soul and about an 1 inch and a qtr. She’s doing great the others ugh

Put in the oven with the oven light on it stays a steady 80 degrees