Am I on right track

image Well I’m in week 4 of my grow. Everything looks good to me just asking for opinions since it’s my first time. The 2 in back are Bruce banner auto the other 2 are white Runtz and the smaller one is either a gelato or gusher.

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Why did you put so little soil in those bags?

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Lol I realized I hadn’t w em sent a pic smh

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I was told I did have to feel them up. I have more soul I can add

I filled them like 3/4 full

Must just be an illusion…Looks like its only 1/4 full.
Plants look good.

Should I fill them up

If they’re autos you might get by without adding soil but if they’re photos you will need to transplant them into more soil

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I think they would do better with more soil.
I fill to about 1 inch below the top.
@MeEasy has a good plan

Ok thanks I will do that

There’s 2 auto 3 photo

The autos will be ok if they’re 3/4 most people I know that grow em use 3 gallon pots. As for the photos I would repot em into more soil or you will probably end up with root problems

Ok thank you

What kind of soil are you using? Not to disagree with above posts…but IMO, you do not have enough soil. I’ve seen autos go longer than photos. It’s hard to predict the life span of an auto…they do what They want and they eat what they want. Largely depending on the particular strain. I’d add more soil or transplant as suggested in earlier post.


Other than the soil fill looking good :grin:

Ok yea I’ve added more soil. I’ve use fox farm ocean.

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Do they not get bigger auto in 4 weeks?

I added more soil I think it does look to be a lot better.

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