Alaska fish fertilizer

I’m growing in coco and was wondering if anyone has used this. How many milliliters per gallon and anything else I may need to know. Thanks in advance

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Here’s a picture of bottle. It’s 5-1-1

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I use that exact fert from time to time in soil when they in veg and need some quick nitrogen.
mixed in feed water 1 TBSP per gallon/4 liters. Don’t use it much anymore with all the other things I have and better understanding with soil mixes.
Has to do with how it’s made but I can’t remember ATM why it isn’t the best for living soils…something about the process they use to make it.

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@PurpNGold74 uses fish emulsion as well maybe he can lend a few tips. I think he uses one in veg and another for flowering.


Thanks. Yup i use the 5-1-1 in veg and 0-10-10 in bloom. When starting out it was just a tablespoon per gallon. Didnt have a tds meter so wasnt sure of my ppms. But they loved it. As they grow i just bumped it an extra half a spoon or so every so often.

My veg wasnt alaska (even tho had same ratios) it was in a grey bottle

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Can I use it with my other nutrients. I use general hydroponics flora trioLucas formula

@PurpNGold74 can I use my other nutrients with it? General hydroponics flora trio Lucas formula

Sorry bout that man. I use it with megacrop and they loved it. Not sure bout GH but i dont see why not. The only problem possible is getting ur ratios together

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I went ahead and gave half strength fish,micro and full strength bloom. Plant seems to be enjoying it. Thanks buddy. You doing good?

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I use it in soil but I think it says not to use it hydroponically or store it mixed so if you mix a gallon you’d want to use the whole gallon.

Yeah, I grow in coco and use the drain to waste methods

I don’t see why you couldn’t. It’s just fish poop I think. I have heard horror stories about algae and parasites but I’ve never seen it when I’ve used it.

O yea im fine. Need to reload on my veg emuls. Its extra hard to burn em with it. Dont think my tips burnd til flowering, when i had too much N left in soil before the semi flush

How about urself my guy? Took a break huh?

Appreciate the info everyone. I’m going to give it a try with my W.W. Autoflowers

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