Aged manure as growing media

Good morning y’all!

I have access to a lot of aged manure. Is this something I can use as a growing media? Should I mix other media in with it? Is there risks to using it?

I plan on growing in a mix of 5 gallon pails and 15 gallon pots. Mainly because this is what I already have on hand.


Good stuff. I add composted manure to my soil builds. I use a 4/1 coco coir dominant mix. I purchase Black Kow (for it’s consistency) @ about $6 a bag. If I had a free supply. I’d take advantage of it.

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Just be careful about nitrogen, and phos. The type of manure matters too. Using Manure in the Home Garden – Wisconsin Horticulture


Welcome ! Farmers has spread and plowed manure into their fields for years for growing just about everything. With it being aged I wouldn’t be afraid to mix some in your soil. I just don’t know how much. Basically free fertilize. Just my thoughts good luck.

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Aged cow manure dug from stalls in an old barn can enhance a vegetable garden emensly .not sure with cannabis.a farmer usually sprays liquid manure on their fields in the fall or early spring.,then plows it in.the manure dug from old stalls will come out like wafers until watered and tilled.IMO I would mix it with the dirt and give it a go.for tomato plant we would use a bag of composted manure and a bag of mushroom dirt plant water and stand Back stuff really grew well .