Advice on first hydroponic grow

Will anyone please give advice to a new grower? Today I’m transferring both of my plants to the hydroponic systems. I started them in soil and everything is set up.
I feel this is will be healthy for them. How do I go from soil to hydro and should I gradually begin neutrants?
Any other advice would be great !
Thanks again

@JBC13 I’ll defer you to @Bogleg and @Donaldj maybe @peachfuzz
They’ll probably mention something like rinsing as much soil from the few roots then placing in the hydroponic system. Wait to see what they would say, as they have more experience with “system” transplants.


You’ll need two buckets (IMHO) and some kind of garbage can/bucket to collect the debris. You’ll also need a spray bottle filled with water. You will fill the three buckets up with water.

I’ve only done this once, but I successfully did it to six plants that were all around 2 weeks old.

First step is to remove the plant from the pot the same way you would if you were transplanting it. Then you will gently break it apart over your garbage can or whatever and try to get the bulk of the soil off of it.

Once you do that, dip it in the first bucket and gently swish it around. Remove it, and use the spray bottle over the first bucket to try and wash the dirt off the roots. Once you have done this to the point that you can’t tell if you are getting them any cleaner, dip it in the second bucket and clean it some more. After that you can put it in your hydro system. Add some H2O2 to the hydro system reservoir or some Hydroguard (or something like it).

Pretty painless process, just be patient and don’t rush through it.

I would myself have nutrients in the hydro system water - how much depends on how big the plants are. Assuming these are in week 3 or thereabouts, something around 200-400ppm would probably be appropriate.


Both are very small. What I ended up doing is removing them both, one at a time from the potting soil. Placing them in their original peat mounds for support. One in particular fell over so I needed to prop it up. Their stems didn’t seem stron enough to support them. I actually want them to make it yet I should know in about 48-73 hours. I do have the hydr pots running, lights going and ventilation.
Did I make a mistake? I don’t have a grow tent yet a grow room. They honestly needed the lighting, the reflection, humidity ect.
I’m certain trash will find it’s way into my pots.

Please read and require on my below update. Thank you for everything.

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