Advanced nutrients in gallons

So I had a question for anyone on here who has used advanced nutrients. I got the sensei grow part A and B as well as the bloom A/B. It says to use 2ml of each part per liter of water. So I use gallons of water, so if there are 4 liters in 1 US gallon, then should I be adding 8ml of each part for when I feed. So 16ml total per gallon which is technically 4ml per liter? Just seems like a lot but idk yet since I haven’t used this line. If anyone has any pointers please feel free to comment, thanks!

Use their calculator…

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Use the calculator put it to 1 gallon. Convert ounces to ml. And that will tell you how man ml per gallon to add of each

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I use AN coco connoisseur bloom. They tell me to use 60ml of A and 60ml of B and I only use 40ml of each. Honestly if you use it how they say to all your leaf tips will burn.
I’ve actually considered trying to cut it by a little more as I have seen a little of the tip burn still.
Nothing like before but still see it on a few leaves.
I know if I filter my tap water I will probably be fine at the mixture I currently use, I think that ppm in my tap water is a bit high, I let chlorine evaporate but there’s still fluoride and whatever else is in the local supply,

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One US Gallon equals 3.785 liters not 4.

Nice comment dude, this helped a lot :+1:


I’m not a Rocket scientist or anything just a handy chart I found long ago and posted to the wall as I was constantly trying to convert liters, gallons, ML etc till my head hurt.

Making wine or alcohol is another constant pain in trying to convert measurements.

I guess everybody else simply uses Google but I hate to ask it anything. Nor will I ever get one of those phones that go inside your ear where u look like a lunatic talking to yourself.

Nor will I ever ever wear Crocs

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Love crocs. I do concrete in crocs

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