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This is a question for the advanced nutrient guys,

I’m wanting to keep it fairly simple, in my dwc bubble bucket,
I got the 3 part advanced nutrients, “gorilla on the cover” and rhino skin
Now I know there is a kabillion bottles to this line but, I need a suggestion
I’m wanting something for the roots, and just the bare needed for quality, I figured big bud and bud candy,
But what do you suggest and what snake oil to stay away from, thanks ahead of time guys!!!.


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If I was going for a bare minimum formula, I would choose the following supplement:
Bud Candy
Then, if I was going to splurge a little more, I would get B-52 and Big Bud. They kind of go hand-in-hand as B vitamins help build stronger stems, and with Big Bud you might need the added strength. Going cheap, just get the Big Bud and use something (like string) to hold your colas up if they get too heavy.



I usually try to stick to a 6 or 7 bottle maximum, if you have to use 15 bottles plus get really excessive and time consuming, I already got rhinoskin, and I’ve heard nothing but good thing about big bud, and I do have super thrive on hand which I heard is similar to b52, but I wouldn’t really know, but I was thinking of this line up, and if you don’t mind to give cristisim it would would be greatly appreciated.,

3 part AN,
Voodo juice,
Big bud
Bud candy.

And I’m not sure if I can use any of these in conjunction but I do have some left over notes from last grow.
Super thrive,
Diamond nectur, GH
Flora nectur GH
Floralicious plus GH
Great White “says it can be used in hydro” no clue if you really can.

Now I’m going for quality over quanity, so please fill me in, please and thanks.

Your AN lineup looks fine.
Regarding Superthrive, I don’t think it would hurt to add it to your repertoire, but it won’t really do a lot for you. It basically has small amounts of nitrogen (base nutrient), B-1 (vitamin) and napthalene (root stimulator). It’s kind of like an all-purpose booster.
B-52 is in a completely different category. It contains:
2% N, 1% P2O5, 4% K2O, .18% B1, .007% B2, .05% B3, .03% B5, .03% B6

Mixing products from different manufacturers can be precarious, I I would recommend just setting those other GH products to the side for now. Once you become comfortable with a “growing recipe” you might try experimenting with some of the items from GH.

I don’t grow in DWC, but Great White is supposed to work just fine with it, with great results.

I would not mix GH and AN nutes.

I use the whole AN lineup.The AN root specific stuff I use is Voodoo Juice, Piranha, Tarantula, and Sensizym. If I wanted to reduce bottles, I’d go with Voodoo Juice and Piranha.

Get the B52, great stuff and made to work with the Big Bud.

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Awesome, exactly what I was wanting to know, any opinions on bud candy, so you think I could get some quality out of

3 part AN
Voodo, or piranha
Rhino skin
Big bud
Bud candy

Thanks guys

I like Bud Candy, it’s good to add sugar and carbs during flowering. The AN haters will say it’s overpriced and you could get by using black strap molasses, brown sugar, etc… and such and you probably can, just need to figure out the right ratios and stuff. I really don’t have to care about saving money so I use AN products and they do great for me. Anyone that smokes my stuff say I have the best tasting/smelling buds they’ve ever had.

I use almost all the AN line with the Connoisseur base nutes. Only one I don’t use anymore is the Bud Factor X, only because people are price gouging it for some reason. Used to get a liter of it for like $35 but something happened to the supply line or something and now people want $60+ for 250ml of it. I’m rich, not stupid, I’m not going to pay that, which is too bad since it did what is was supposed to do (enhance trichs)

But all that stuff you got listed is very good. Voodoo is great for increasing root mass at the sprout/clone stage and at the beginning of flowering, Piranha is also great at getting bigger roots, if I had to use only one of those, I’d go with the Voodoo Juice, really is a great root stimulant.

I’d also add Bud Ignitor, really helps kickstart the flowering stage and Overdrive which replaces Big Bud for the last 2 weeks to help the ladies finish up nicely.

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Duely noted, this is the info I was looking for, and I’ll definitely take your advice, and just out of curiosity, why the connisuer nutes, instead of the 3 part? And any additional nutes out side of the line I need to look for or would help, any info helps that you can think of lol, thanks guys!!!.


The Connoissseur line has several AN products combined into a single bottle. It is intended for the more experienced grower as too much of a good thing can be bad if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is also why AN has different stages (Hobbyist, Expert, Professional, Grand Master) of experience in their nutrient calculator, so beginners don’t push things too much and then get discouraged.

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LOL, I must admit, I fell for the marketing of the Connoisseur line when I was looking for new nutes:

For Experienced Growers of High Value Plants Who Are Almost (But Not Quite) Satisfied With Their Yields – And Are Looking For Something More

I consider myself an experienced grower so I thought that would be perfect for me, as my first outdoor grow was in 1978 when I was 13 years old and my first indoor grow was around 1995. I’ve been at this a long time.

Other than the AN nutes, the other stuff I use is CalMag because I use RO water as AN nutes are made to be used with RO water. The AN nutes do have cal/mag in them but at half the dosage that I use (from their feeding schedul)e, I worry it may not be quite enough so I add 3ml of CalMag per gal of RO,

Other than that I’ve been looking for a replacement for the Bud Factor X, currently trying a product called High Tide (at half the dosage). These are resin and trich enhancers, the magic ingredient in them is chitosan, made from crab shells. Triggers the plants to exude more resin, oils, and makes the trichs really stand out as it makes the plant thinks it’s being overrun by pests (little bug shells also contain chitosan), makes for great “bag appeal”. I’m at about week 5 in my flowering tent (I do a perpetual grow) so it’ll be a few more weeks before the results are in, to see if it works as good as the Bud Factor X but at a quarter of the price.


The reason Bud Factor X is so high priced is because it was taken off the U.S. market 2 years ago when the state of Oregon declared it (and several other products) to be a pesticide because it contains salicylic acid. You can still get it in Canada and the UK, but you will pay a premium as a result.

Also - if you are going to supplement with additional Cal-Mag, be sure to use General Hydroponics Cal-Magic, as it has the least amount of nitrogen in it.


Yeah that would explain it, thanks TommyBahama.

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