A slight tip burn

I’m getting a little tip burn on my White Widow autoflower soil grow. The soil is used up so I’ve been feeding for awhile now. Not too heavy.

Next time just water? Back off a bit on nutes?
They are in flower pretty heavy now.

Chart is based on deficiencies

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Hopefully this helps

remember auto’s respond better to feeding at very re-duced rate’s - once you see a plant issue you are all ready two weeks behind in fixing it ! stop feeding flush for a bit (3 days)

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ive read in a few places…slight tip burn is good thing. well not bad, rather than good.

but it is a good indicator that they are getting at least what they need, no less. and yeah, a bit more.

if it doesnt increase, i wouldnt worry about it at all.

my 4 current plants have had that symptom since flower phase began. very slight, just the very tippy-tip.

Yup mine as well

I gave them just water this time. I think I’ve pushed then right to their limit which for these White Widow autos it’s a low bar.
My previous grow of Northern Lights and Fast & Vast autoflowers weren’t as sensitive.

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Right on at least you got it under control, that’s good to hear

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