A look in grow week 5

I’m in week 5 of my grow. I have 2 autoflower and 3 photo. As you can see my photo look good the 2 autoflower in back aren’t looking the best and they are flowering. Then I have this one that has seemed to stop growing period. Any suggestions? Also will these auto grow bigger in the next 5 weeks? Doesn’t seem they will produce much.


Welcome to the forum! There are many here (more qualified than myself) who will be able to help you with questions regarding your grow. What type of soil are you using. What has been your watering schedule? Have you checked pH levels in water to remain between 6.0 - 7.0? There are many other considerations, as well.

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Thanks. I’m using fox farm ocean I make sure I ph the water and I water maybe every other day but just other day I think I realized I didn’t water sufficiently enough. I think that could be an issue so I’ll try watering more.

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I’ve started adding more water and it’s working. They are sprucing up now lol and I love it. It’s my first grow and these are my babies. I think I’m liking photo better though because don’t look much of a yield from my autoflower.